New York City

I landed in NYC on Thursday and it’s been a hectic few days. The weather is absolutely awful in July. Humid, hot, disgusting, and then it randomly rains on you. Due to this, blog pictures weren’t at the top of my priority list. But today the weather was a tad calmer. We went to some small shops in Hoboken and got off at this cool train station, so I decided to have my sister take some photos of my outfit. I’ve noticed that a lot of girls in NYC/NJ revolve their outfits around labels. Mostly everyone has a designer bag and a chiffon top on. Chiffon tops, tailored shorts, and strappy sandals are like the uniform of this region. Where’s the creativity in that? 
I’m sporting the California look with the tied up top and cut off, tie dyed skirt. Skirts and shorts are the only option in this weather. 
Great view of NYC! Photobucket

Carlo’s Bake Shop from Cake Boss!

I start classes at FIT tomorrow, FINALLY! I’m also headed to SoHo this week, stay tuned.
Oh and, eeeeeep it’s my birthday tomorrow! Finally 18.

top-Black Label Boutique
skirt-Urban Outfitters
necklace-Chic Wish
shoes-Top Shop
watch-Michael Kors

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