I’m 18!


If you follow me on Twitter you probably know that I’m back in California, two weeks early. FIT was not what I expected at all. It was like a day camp. I felt my IQ dropping in those classrooms, it was ridiculous. And in the whole three weeks, I wouldve only made one skirt…I can make a skirt in about two hours. And my other class consisted of collaging and the highlight of it was “visiting the Prada store”. Uh..I can visit the Prada store whenever I want. All of this occurred on my birthday (July 9th) which was kind of a downer but I had a great time at Fig & Olive in the Meatpacking District and then saw Magic Mike. I did get a 75% refund from FIT and I wouldnt recommend anyone enroll in their precollege courses. I wouldve taken a college class but for some reason they wouldnt let me so I had gotten stuck with these remedial courses.




I wanted an authentic birthday cake with sprinkles and everything. Honestly, Carlo’s Bakery’s cake wasnt all that great. The place was cool to visit though.



Fig & Olive is definitely my favorite restaurant! If you ever get to go to any of the locations, you have to get the pot de creme, it’s the best dessert ever.


The Book of Mormon was hilarious!

heels-Jeffrey Campbell

shoes-Marc Jacobs 

Im honestly so glad to be home. I got back Saturday and havent left my house since. The subway sucks and it was so humid and tiring. The New York City life style is so high stress and everyone I encountered was so rude. California gurl foreva<3

But the city was definitely fun to experience after so many years. Ive been a few times but I was young and with my parents. This time it was just my sister and I and it was fun being able to spend my birthday there.

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