Wow, I haven’t taken that long of a hiatus from blogging, ever. Life has been pretty hectic. I moved to my dorm at Pepperdine and I’ve just been situating myself for the past week. Today was my first day of classes so I decided not to go too extreme with the outfit (though it depends on what one would consider “extreme”). I was surprised by the amount of girls that dress up for classes though! I kept seeing a bunch of chiffon skirts, denim cut offs, and combat boots.
Malibu isn’t very college student friendly. The closest Target is 30 minutes away and there’s not much to do around here (especially if you don’t surf, like me). But I’m really excited to be living here. I signed up for the equestrian club and surf club and I’m a sports medicine major with a pre-med concentration.
Margiela-esque ring

top-American Apparel
ring-Mr. Kate

P.S. Excuse the crappy photos. These were taken in my dorm’s common room just after classes because I don’t want to be the “strange girl with the tripod” just yet!

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Sonum Kahlon

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One thought on “College

  1. The shoes and above knuckle ring are SO cute! 🙂

    I'm currently holding a giveaway to win make up, nail wraps and jewellery if you're interested!

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