London Doll

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I grabbed this dress from TOPSHOP at the Grove. It was the last one left and happened to be in my size…the fashion gods were on my side that day. This dress is currently featured on a wall inside the store. I feel like I can dress it up or down. I was slightly tempted to wear it with white Converse but then opted for these platform-less, quintessential blogger pumps.

Anywho, I finally saw Spring Breakers yesterday. I was so highly disappointed. There was basically no story and it was extremely strange. It was quite the experience though. James Franco does a fabulous job.

earrings-Kate Spade

Nasty Gal at USC

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While eating my lunch in Nike shorts and a tank I came across an Instagram from Nasty Gal showing that they’re at USC handing out magazines….I FLIPPED and proceeded to dress up in my new Nasty Gal gear and search for the girls. I met three lovely reps and though they didn’t have any magazines left, they featured me on their Instagram! I love my school way too much.

dress-Nasty Gal
top-Urban Outfitters
skirt-Timeless Boutique
shoes-Nasty Gal

Aussie Edge

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It feels lovely to be back to my normal urban attire. I have established that I cannot live in a humid climate and also, anti-humidity hair sprays don’t accomplish anything.
I’m obsessed with this skirt. The whole structural/minimalistic/A.Wang/Fashion Toast action is really gettin’ to me. You can find a similar skirt at this fab Australian store here.
Side note: I find myself becoming more obsessed with Australian fashion on the daily…
Side note #2: I’ve been obsessed with decorating my apartment lately. The signs are from Brandy Melville (bedazzled by yours truly, of course). 

top-Urban Outfitters
skirt-Urban Outfitters
sandals-Urban Outfitters
bag-Proenza Schouler
lipstick-MAC’s “Russian Red”

kitten decals-Urban Outfitters

Surfing & Coconuts

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This would be the end of the Maui photos, I came back to the lovely LA on Sunday. 
Side note: surfing was borderline life changing. I scheduled another lesson in Santa Monica for tomorrow.

Outfit 1
top-Brandy Melville
skirt-free people
earrings-Kate Spade
bag-Rebecca Minkoff

Outfit 2
top-Brandy Melville
skirt-Urban Outfitters
face stickers-Urban Outfitters

Kea Lani

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While skedaddling around Maui I feel like I’m in the movie, The Descendants. But the non touristy inland area reminds me of a mundane US town. I haven’t been here since I was four and nearly drowned because I decided to take out my mouthpiece whilst snorkeling to scream, “fishies!!!” Goin’ snorkeling again tomorrow morning, gonna combat my fear of large bodies of water.

dress-free people
body chain-asos
stickers/body art-UO

Chop Chop

Visit my girl Ashley at Chop Chop Salon for the best hair cut ever. I’m so glad to get rid of all that ombré junk. I’m really kind of all over the place with my hair. One day I want it long and multicolored and the next I want a secretary bob. I’m trying not to make rash decisions because that’s what landed me with this year long hair growth journey in the first place…I think I’ve decided that I like ombré, but not on myself.

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 photo DSC02758.jpg
 photo DSC02759.jpg
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Pretty much all I have to say about this outfit is: yay mauve! yay free people!

sweater-Brandy Melville
cropped turtleneck-Brandy Melville
skirt-free people
shoes-Nasty Gal
necklace-Top Shop
rings-Verameat, Alexis Bittar & Mr. Kate
hair jewels-Anthropologie

P.S. Miista shoes are the bee’s knees 
P.P.S. Maui tomorrow eeeep!

Il Pastaio

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 photo DSC02740.jpg
 photo DSC02741.jpg
 photo DSC02750.jpg

Eight hour work day to a relaxing dinner at a fab restaurant with some friends. I felt like a princess with this crown on, not gonna lie. 

top-American Apparel
skirt-Brandy Melville
lipstick-Lime Crime’s “Geradium”