Nasty Gal at USC

 photo DSC03127.jpg
 photo DSC03129.jpg
 photo ea2e29fa-f846-4aa0-89d2-7fd5f448e74e.jpg
 photo DSC03132.jpg
 photo NG2.png
 photo NG1.png

While eating my lunch in Nike shorts and a tank I came across an Instagram from Nasty Gal showing that they’re at USC handing out magazines….I FLIPPED and proceeded to dress up in my new Nasty Gal gear and search for the girls. I met three lovely reps and though they didn’t have any magazines left, they featured me on their Instagram! I love my school way too much.

dress-Nasty Gal
top-Urban Outfitters
skirt-Timeless Boutique
shoes-Nasty Gal

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Sonum Kahlon

Stuck somewhere in between glamour and 'I just rolled out of bed'

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