Lazy Oaf Pineapple Dress

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This dress was definitely a hit on the Greek row last night… I got told the dress reminded someone of a Pokemon character and then we discussed Exeggutor and Pikachu for a bit. At a frat party. I kid you not. 

I always end up wearing something that sparks up conversation when I go out.

Oh and my trusty JC boots: they will forever be my going out shoes. I don’t understand why girls wear heels or super white converse when going to fraternity parties. They’re destined to get wrecked. 

dress-Lazy Oaf
boots-Jeffrey Campbell


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Channeling my inner Alexander Wang with this t-shirt and shabby chic look. My mane is so OOC; I’m going to go get it tamed by my girl Ashley at Chop Chop Salon later today. I’m kind of feelin’ the tousled thing goin’ on with this outfit though.

And my LF boyfriend jeans have made another appearance… definitely pick up a pair of bf jeans for the fall. I think this is one of the few outfits I’ve blogged in a while where I’m not wearing something high waisted.  

Side note: I’m so glad I bought these booties. I get so much use out of them and so many compliments. 

necklace-Aqua via Bloomingdale’s 

Summer Nostalgia

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Okay can we just talk about how fabulous Selena Gomez looked at the Versace S/S ’14 show in Milan… Basically that look embodies what I want my uniform to consist of this fall. 
Girly silhouettes, dark colors and bold lips.

I’ve been briefly following NYFW, LFW and MFW through Instagram. My course load does not allow for internet fashion obsession. Nor does it allow for television watchin’ (I’ve been sticking solely to glimpses of CNN whilst making breakfast…who am I?) I was completely unaware of the production of The Originals. Is this a spinoff television series? Is The Vampire Diaries going to air simultaneously? I mean, I’m not sure why I’m curious considering I dropped watching TVD a while ago. But in my opinion they are taking this whole series way too far…I think it’s time to wrap it up. 

In other news, I attended a Mount Kimbie show the other day at the EchoPlex. Interesting music, intriguing slideshows and a lot of people watching… I’m definitely not a Silverlake/Echo Park person. Nor am I into trance music (though “Made To Stray” is a pretty good song). It was a cool experience nonetheless. It made me nostalgic for Lollapalooza. I’m in need of a therapeutic music festival ASAP.

skirt-Brandy Melville
necklace-Nasty Gal
boots-Jeffrey Campbell 

Boy London

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I’m feelin’ very Scary Spice in this look. I find these pants extremely difficult to style, so I went for a shabby chic look and wore ’em to my 8 am class this morning. I’m obsessed with the Boy London print and harem pants are back this fall.
 photo DSC03857_zps3dfb6b73.jpg
 photo DSC03861_zpsfab73af6.jpg
Look numéro dos. I changed in between classes because it’s about 86 degrees in LA today. Get with the whole fall thing, Los Angeles! (And when it’s cold I’ll complain then too…)
This look is much more girly and definitely school friendly. 
Oh and yes, I purchased TOMS…ugh. They’re horrible for your feet and not cute at all but so easy to deal with. Sue me! 
Which look do you like better?

pants-Boy London via Kitson
boots-Dr. Martens



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 photo DSC03847_zps53312224.jpg
 photo DSC03846_zpsfcdba84d.jpg
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 photo 73611_10201214040645463_843730739_n_zps356e26b8.jpg
(my awesome date)

I had invite this past Friday which is basically like formal. We (a group of 30 people…) started the night off with dinner and then we headed to the venue, Sadie Kitchen and Lounge in Hollywood. 

I wore this holographic Parker dress I picked up back in June from Bloomingdale’s. 

I got my hair done for the event which is rare for me because I know how to deal with my hair better than anyone. But Alexis at Studio K in Pasadena did a great job. I had to adjust a few pieces to make it messier when I got home but other than that, I was pretty satisfied. I definitely recommend the salon. 

necklace-Aqua via Bloomingdale’s
bag-Kate Spade
bracelet-Mr. Kate

7 For All Mankind Event with Ashley Madekwe

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I worked the door at the 7FAM event tonight in Century City. Basically, my internship rocks. S/O to Lauren Stillman!
I got to see Ashley Madekwe of and Revenge, for the second time. (I had first met her at esNAIL on Melrose.) As always, she was a sweetheart and looked gorgeous.
I also got to meet one of my fashion blogger idols: Krystal Simpson of She is one of those bloggers that I’ve been following since I started blogging in 2009. She was extremely down to earth and took a bunch of pictures with me. 
It was a super fun night and I’m so excited to have gotten this opportunity. 
P.S. shout out to 7FAM for the jeans! 



 photo zaradress2_zpsb130e81e.jpg
 photo zaradress1_zps4d87039a.jpg
 photo zaradress3_zps0996de85.jpg

I’m excited about dressing for fall but unfortunately Los Angeles isn’t havin’ the whole cold weather thing. Like…give me overcast…something to work with cmonnnn. 
Anywho, here is a list of items that my fall wardrobe is/will be inundated with:
-oxblood (duh)
-forest green
-cable knit sweaters (American Apparel)
-midi skirts (TOPSHOP & asos)
-gingham print
-boyfriend jeans
-matching crop tops + bottoms
-mesh/jersey tops
-over sized coats (duh x2)
-off the shoulder body-con dresses (quite specific, I know –> Nasty Gal) 
-t-shirt dresses (as depicted in today’s outfit)


Sunset Hues

 photo DSC03826_zpse643edf2.jpg
 photo DSC03825_zpscbb4fa72.jpg
 photo DSC03828_zps6773d99b.jpg
 photo DSC03834_zpsb9363aee.jpg
School is kicking my ass–in a good way. I’m in 16 units, I have an internship, I’m writing for the Daily Trojan and I’m in a sorority. “No rest for the wicked” kinda thing goin’ on…ish. 3 out of 4 of my classes revolve around writing and thinking about life in a philosophical manner so I’m pretty much brain dead by this time during the week and all I want to do is watch mindless television shows and eat multigrain waffles. 

Side note: I look very unkempt and that wasn’t done on purpose. #shabbychic #naturally #lol #ineedanap

top-Nasty Gal


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 photo DSC03810_zpsa25c7908.jpg
 photo DSC03807_zpsc58237dd.jpg
 photo DSC03806_zps3f8bd205.jpg

This ensemble is my way of protesting the arrival of fall. This cute, girly school outfit screams spring.
I’ve been loving this off the shoulder crop top action that has been going on lately. And of course, circle skirts are a wardrobe staple as of late.