Halloween, Overalls and My Pup

 photo DSC04005_zps73f6aede.jpg
 photo DSC04009_zps7a6832cf.jpg
 photo DSC04011_zps8f9ed60c.jpg
 photo DSC04012_zpsc27dafbb.jpg

2011: Pegasus 
2012: unicorn
2013: unicorn Pegasus hybrid

I have a problem, I know. 
I wore a regular white crop top and skirt. I bedazzled the tutu and myself (with eyelash glue). 

lipstick-Lime Crime

 photo DSC04029_zpsf1320bab.jpg
 photo DSC04031_zpseb8e6995.jpg
 photo DSC04033_zpse1ca4afa.jpg

I’m finally starting to wear trendy clothing to class again. I had been wearing the same black leggings, black sweatshirt, and black nike frees for a few weeks (midterms=hell). But it was worth it because I did a solid job on all my tests. Now I’m just trying to get back into my natural habitat…including, eating healthier. I have been stress eating Rasinets like crazy. It’s an issue. I feel like in college, you can either be social and studious but not healthy or healthy and studious but not social and yeah you get the picture… balance is something I’m struggling with.

overalls-Brandy Melville
necklaces-nylon, UO
boots-Steve Madden

 photo DSC04017_zps00f05004.jpg
 photo DSC04016_zps092063b0.jpg

I love Winston but raising a puppy is not what I thought it would be at all… I guess I chose the most needy breed of all, Yorkshire Terriers. He literally follows me everywhere and by follow, I mean FOLLOW. Like I have to watch my footsteps so I don’t step on the little guy. I got him just last week at 8 weeks old so he’s teething and has decided that biting my toes, socks, fingers and clothes is his thing… It was cute at first but now he’s leaving marks. He also doesn’t like any of his toys. He was potty trained for like two days and now he just goes wherever. He also doesn’t bark. He whimpers, shrieks and cries at 4 am. Or when I leave him in his crate. I feel like I’m a mother, dear lord. It’s a good thing he’s cute because this sh*t is hard. 

overalls-Nasty Gall
boots-Doc Martens 

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