Coachella Weekend One

Coachella was amazing but Lollapalooza wins. I feel like way too many people were at Coachella because it’s “hip” and they wanted cool photos. There was too much pressure to dress unique/trendy. I literally wore a t-shirt, shorts and docs everyday at Lolla. I’m all about dressing on trend and taking pictures (duh) but this was one of those times that I would’ve just liked to listen to the music and take it all in.
PSA: do not wear sandals at these things. Docs are hot and sweaty, yeah, but they don’t peel the skin off your toes (TMI, but necessary to information to know). Seriously. Even Birkenstocks weren’t comfortable. 
People advised me against wearing metal jewelry but I didn’t have any issues with it. I chose a cross body over a backpack because when you’re in a big crowd it’s easy for someone to steal something from a backpack. 
I stayed at the J.W. Marriott with some friends and we took the shuttle. Because of this, we weren’t able to go back and forth from the hotel to the event (it was about a 20 minute drive–not worth it). The nice thing about Lolla was that I stayed at a hotel within walking distance.

Day 1

 photo IMG_0894_zps3780da3b.jpg
 photo IMG_0884_zps8cd04532.jpg
 photo IMG_0914_zps9254fc82.jpg
 photo IMG_0955_zpsed72e9dd.jpg
 photo IMG_0925_zps72aa39de.jpg
 photo IMG_0899_zps37393c0b.jpg
 photo IMG_0911_zps9de53d3f.jpg
 photo IMG_0974_zps26a94ede.jpg
 photo IMG_1085_zps85d2de23.jpg
body chain-Etsy 
kimono-Nasty Gal

Day 2

 photo Screenshot2014-04-20at24350PM_zps6d18dc6d.png
 photo IMG_1286_zpsb00cd490.jpg
 photo IMG_1291_zpsc1d8b1cf.jpg
swim suit-asos

Day 3

 photo IMG_1410_zpsd02b0251.jpg
 photo IMG_1338_zps97af9661.jpg
 photo IMG_1305_zps7c43217c.jpg
 photo IMG_1317_zps8185cbff.jpg
Mr. Kate’s beauty marks last super long–I’m obsessed. 
 photo IMG_1309_zps9922da6b.jpg
 photo IMG_1414_zpse1bec2b9.jpg
 photo IMG_1486_zps416e7290.jpg
 photo IMG_1484_zps3a42c283.jpg
 photo IMG_1600_zpsfbb6815b.jpg
 photo IMG_1674_zps102e8072.jpg
 photo IMG_1501_zps0dc56f8d.jpg
 photo IMG_1678_zps5318f651.jpg
kimono-Nasty Gal

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