Midi’s and Birkenstocks

 photo IMG_0838_zps7b627085.jpg
 photo IMG_0837_zps73375ac6.jpg
 photo IMG_0839_zpsd610662b.jpg
 photo IMG_0847_zpsc9b5bf76.jpg
 photo IMG_0849_zps513f02f6.jpg
 photo IMG_0887_zps26052aa9.jpg
Action shot lolz.

Refinery29 wants you to get rid of micro-mini tube skirts and I agree. I love a good mini skirt as much as the next gal but midi’s are all the rage right now. Choker necklaces and Birkenstock-style inspired shoes like these are my spring and summer favorites.

I have recently acquired an obsession for Vanessa Mooney. This is the first of many purchases to come.

In other news, I saw The Fault in Our Stars on Thursday and I’m pretty content with the adaptation of the book. It was as quirky as I imagined it would be. I felt silly and juvenile sobbing through the whole thing, but I did so anyway.




necklace-Vanessa Mooney

shoes-Sam Edelman

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