London: Part 1

I’m sitting here about to ring in my 20th year of life while reflecting back on the past nine days in London. It’s been a crazy ride so far. I’ve learned so much.

I packed light with the intention of shopping which made the journey less stressful. Except for the whole adapter hair dryer/curler/flat iron situation. Dual voltage appliances and Boots Pharmacy saved me. My curler worked, my flat iron didn’t and I decided to buy a hair dryer here. 

Upon arrival, I was greeted with a less than sanitary, tiny studio apartment with a bed as stiff as a board and a shower in which I can barely move. Of course I brushed these first hiccups off in order to avoid being that girl. After about a day it really hit me: I’m literally in another country all by myself for three weeks. I decided to mope around for a bit until I was talking to one of my classmates and telling her about how I was lonely, blah blah blah. She’s from Spain and on top of being alone, she has the language barrier. She said something along the lines of, “I’m just happy to be here.” That statement resonated with me and that’s how I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and make the most of my trip even if I am over 5000 miles away from all of my friends. And because of that attitude adjustment, I have become so much happier.

 photo IMG_4297_zps3504ab47.jpg
 photo IMG_4357_zpscee2c1f5.jpg
Soccer (football) is such a big deal here. I see jerseys everywhere and the occasional painted face.
 photo IMG_4369_zps4e812afa.jpg
 photo IMG_4521_zps69452140.jpg
 photo IMG_4524_zps9644f0af.jpg
 photo IMG_4520_zps8c266d43.jpg
dress-Nasty Gal
 photo IMG_4548_zps2b1740b1.jpg
 photo IMG_4572_zps3176e30e.jpg
Tate Modern
 photo IMG_1015_zps0b9178e4.jpg
 photo IMG_4614_zpsa95361d5.jpg
 photo IMG_4643_zps03c84ba1.jpg
 photo IMG_4646_zps157c1b93.jpg
Big Ben and The London Eye
kimono-Nasty Gal
necklace-Vanessa Mooney
 photo IMG_4589_zpsf93e4b97.jpg
 photo IMG_4663_zpsf2ee4b94.jpg
 photo IMG_4723_zps32ed91b0.jpg
Classmates. Apparently eating lunch in the park, on the grass, is a real thing that Europeans do.
 photo IMG_4462_zps7cc135e8.jpg
dress-Free People
necklace-via Bloomingdale’s
 photo IMG_4402_zps23d27b0d.jpg
top-Pray for Paris
sandals-Sam Edelman

 photo IMG_4491_zps83d2cb22.jpg
Mapei at Cargo

 photo IMG_4734_zps79c949e9.jpg
necklace-Vanessa Mooney
sandals-Sam Edelman

Everything here is ridiculously expensive compared to the US so I haven’t been shopping much…so out of character, I know. I’m on the hunt for indigenous clothing and accessories that I couldn’t buy online.
 photo IMG_4774_zpscc3764c3.jpg

Today, I went to an art exhibition called Digital Revolution that had pieces such as the first Apple computer and an installation/hologram by It was probably the coolest thing I’ve ever experienced.

 photo IMG_4839_zps5077e78b.jpg
 photo william_barbican_zps419ca04b.jpg
 photo light_barbican_zps4823c1b3.jpg
 photo blackswan_barbican_zps5b720517.jpg
 photo IMG_4808_zps73941a83.jpg

This city is amazing. I never want this to end. Everyone is so open minded and nothing anyone wears is shocking or “weird.” I’ve seen dreads, septum piercings, goths, punks, reeboks with culottes and groups of girls casually wearing bindis like they were on their way to Coachella. I’ve found that people in London are so much more accepting than people in Los Angeles. 

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