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This t-shirt caught my eye because it’s hilariously pretentious. Moschino has been killin’ it lately even though the french fries cross body and the Barbie iPhone case are a little too much. European clothing has been bugging me lately because designers don’t take into account the American body. American designers do–so it’s flattering and form fitting. But sometimes you don’t care about lookin’ attractive and you just want to make a statement with a t-shirt.


jeans-Juicy Couture


heels-Jeffrey Campbell


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My roommate and I headed to STK in West Hollywood last night. The food was amazing. I recommend the mac and cheese in addition to the parmesan truffle fries. I’m so glad that I’m finally taking advantage of all of the restaurants in LA. My roommate and I are putting together a list of restaurants to go to for the next 10 weeks before I go abroad. So stay tuned!

I love embroidered pieces that clearly have had a lot of work put into them. I haven’t been going crazy with the shopping lately (shocker, I know) but I’ve been picking up some good quality pieces like this skirt.

top-Nasty Gal
heels-Jeffrey Campbell
lipstick-Chanel “La Câline”
lip liner-MAC “Whirl”


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Butternut squash tortelli…(absolutely amazing)
 photo cecconi2_zps90625b7b.jpg
As a college student, I eat incredibly terrible food. I’ve tried to cook, but it always my good friend Alegra and I have decided to make going out to dinner in Beverly Hills/WeHo a regular thing. I feel like no one else I know wants to do this type of thing…unless it’s for a fraternity/sorority formal/invite *major internal groan*. Anyway, if you haven’t been to Cecconi’s, check it out. It definitely rivals Giorgio Baldi (one of my favorite Italian restaurants).

top-Urban Outfitters
tulle skirt-Urban Outfitters
black slip-Nordstrom
heels-Miu Miu
lipstick-Laura Mercier “Cocoa”