Lulu Frost

Sadly, I got injured in London (this whole fractured arm and messed up nerve thing–I won’t get into it) and I had to move back home last month. It sucks, so much. But I finally got over it enough to get back into blogging.

 photo IMG_2022_zpsulpy5ro2.jpg

 photo IMG_2040 copy_zpsf29n72oj.jpg

 photo IMG_2020_zpsjvz8739m.jpg

I’ve been really into neutrals, turtlenecks monk shoes lately. I just realized I have a crop top just like this that I featured in my last post but they’re useful and versatile so it was a good buy. These jeans though…I really hate ’em. I think they’re made for stick thin women to wear on their hips with their belly button sticking out, but that’s not my style. In general, I’m drifting away from the “LA” look. I think good quality basics with the occasional trendy piece are the way to go. Hence, the purchase of this necklace. I’ve been obsessed with Lulu Frost for a while but didn’t think it was worth investing in. I was wrong–I’ll be wearing this piece all the time, especially because it’s super lightweight.

This leather jacket is the most bad ass piece of outerwear I own. And it’s just going to get better with age, it’ll get worn in and be even comfier. But I won’t have much use for it in the near future. Today, it was 84 degrees out…gimme back my seasons!

 photo IMG_2023_zps764d9ucs.jpg

 photo IMG_2047_zpsryzgfjor.jpg

 photo IMG_2035 copy_zpswc17n592.jpg

 photo IMG_2043_zpsdcfvf8ag.jpg



necklace-Lulu Frost

shoes-Johnston & Murphy

leather jacket-Schott NYC


crossbody-Louis Vuitton

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