Eurotrip Part II

After day 21 (out of 41) of traveling, everyday felt like I had been beaten up, repeatedly, hence the delayed post. A theme I noticed throughout Europe (minus Scandinavian countries) was misogyny and an extreme lack of respect for women. If you harass me and throw a sexual comment my way, you should feel blessed if I continue walking without putting you in your place. On my last night in London, after objectifying me, a man said “well you could smile at least.” No. I will not take your bullshit. Visiting these big cities has made me even more independent and a feminist and someone who won’t take any nonsense. These types of things happened daily. I wonder if it would have been different if men traveled with us. I’m not trying to elevate myself by saying “omg wow I’m so pretty poor me I get hit on so often.” This is an actual issue, I just had never experienced it before. I drive everywhere in LA and living in South Central, I don’t walk around much at night. I can totally empathize with this video now.

Anyway, I digress. Europe is life changing. I love America but we don’t have character and history. There’s something beautiful about walking around a city and knowing that the buildings date back to the 14th century. It’s breathtaking. How could you be unhappy when surrounded by so much beauty?


Barcelona is a glorified Santa Monica. The food is crappy (I don’t eat much seafood) but the men are much better looking. The clubs were super touristy…like Katy Perry? Really? It’s 2015 y’all. But I could actually live there. I tried to use some of my fab Spanish skills and the waitress corrected my misuse of “to-mah-to” with “to-ma-te.” Also, why don’t they speak regular Spanish?! What is Catalan?!
 photo IMG_2586 copy.jpg

(hat, Urban Outfitters; dress, asos (now also at Nasty Gal); earrings, Istanbul; sunglasses, Miu Miu)

 photo eurotrip4.jpg(pouch, Rebecca Minkoff; ring, Istanbul)

 photo IMG_9807.jpg

PSA: Corn rows HURT.
 photo IMG_0164.jpg

Parc Güell


I got my best photos in Nice, tbh. Nice was the kind of city you have to really immerse yourself in. We stayed for 4 nights which I wasn’t too excited about beforehand, but it ended up being not enough. I could see myself spending a summer Nice. It didn’t even really feel like France. I think I’m more of a Southern France kind of gal though. I returned to Paris again this year and wasn’t impressed, but more on that later.

Side note: it’s a good thing I don’t have any plans to move to France, I ate gelato two times a day whilst in Nice. And it was damn good. #noregrets
 photo IMG_2718 copy.jpg

 photo IMG_2737 copy.jpg
 photo IMG_2738.jpg

Old Nice

 photo IMG_2754 copy.jpg
 photo IMG_2809 copy2.jpg
 photo IMG_2896 copy.jpg(skirt, TOPSHOP; flats, Solillas)

PSA on these shoes, had to throw ’em away after 2 weeks of periodic use. Uncomfortable little shits left me with heel bruises.
 photo IMG_3038 copy.jpg

(jeans, Madewell) photo IMG_0451 copy.jpg
 photo IMG_3217.jpg  photo IMG_3299.jpg
 photo IMG_3444.jpg

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo would’ve been fun if I had a yacht or liked to gamble. Day wasted.
 photo IMG_3099 copy.jpg  photo IMG_3112 copy.jpg

(dress-For Love and Lemons)


PRAGUE is the most beautiful city I’ve ever been to. I fell in love. I have a penchant for Eastern Europe/Russia/underdeveloped countries so when I got to our Airbnb and it was old school, I was like .

Side note: I’m still really bitter that I didn’t get my Russian visa in time and couldn’t go to St. Petersburg. Also pretty bitter that Expedia didn’t give me a refund. F you Expedia.
 photo IMG_3394 copy.jpg  photo IMG_1788.jpg
 photo IMG_3762 copy.jpgI bought this top from a trendy little boutique called Leeda. Prague apparently has a handful of independent designers and boutiques. I wish I had had time to explore more of the fashion scene.
 photo eurotrip6.jpg

I didn’t notice many women in Prague, minus tourists.

There were many homeless men begging on the bridge from where I took this photo^. But the way in which they were begging broke my heart. They were faced head down on their knees with their hands or a hat out in front of them. They were all in such a horrible state with dirt on their skin and clothes. One man had been in that position for so long that he was shaking. When I saw that I couldn’t help but cry so I gave him some money and also came back with a muffin. The city makes you feel like you’re in a fairytale but I wonder what it’s really like to live in the Czech Republic, as a local.
 photo IMG_3485 copy.jpg

(dress, American Apparel)
 photo eurotrip8.jpg
 photo IMG_3579 copy.jpg
 photo IMG_3652.jpg  photo IMG_1589.jpg

This was such a cool experience. I had my photo developed onto a piece of glass at The Gallery of Art, Prague. They apparently used the second photographic process (ever) to do it. I took a video of the photo coming to life as they immersed it into a solution. I now have my very own creepy 1800s-esque photo of me with beady eyes! Score.
 photo IMG_1436.jpg

IMG_1499 copy  photo IMG_1341.jpg

The most glorious dress I’ve ever owned (sry mom). This dress was one of a few, made to order. Waited months for it! So worth it. I feel like a slightly more conservative Miley circa 2013 while wearing it.

(dress, Discount Universe)
 photo IMG_1857.jpg

(top, Urban Outfitters; jeans, 7 for all mankind)


No photos. Nothing happened. I was there for less than 48 hours. It rained.

Denmark probably isn’t the happiest country in the world. The word “happy” translates to “content” in Danish so the research or survey used to obtain these results is flawed–something I learned from a friend who studied abroad there.


Stockholm was beautiful but SO damn cold. Sodermalm was so hip I was giddy walkin’ around seeing groups of people covered in tattoos wearing all black and Cheap Monday skinnies. Everyone looks like this guy. I’m pretty tall (5’8) but I felt so short among those sky scraping Scandinavian women.

I went to Stockholm by myself so I unfortunately didn’t get to experience any of the nightlife. Fun fact: the alcohol is extremely overpriced in Sweden because of the high rate of alcoholism. When I’d be walking around at 4 or 5 pm, people would already be at the bars. The first person I met in Stockholm was the chick who checked me into my hotel and she was from PASADENA! She moved there for her boyfriend. That must be love because let me reiterate, it was damn cold oh my lord.

The store hours are so strange. Some stores just don’t open on Friday or Sunday and have odd hours like 12-5 pm. I really missed capitalism when I was in Sweden.
 photo IMG_3852 copy.jpg
Don’t be fooled this denim jacket is lined with sherpa and I was wearing a cardigan underneath. I didn’t prepare for the arctic weather that I was thrusted into.
(scarf, asos)
 photo IMG_2071.jpg
Story Hotel
 photo IMG_2177.jpg

Me and a really old boat! (Vasa Museum)

 photo IMG_2223.jpg

Gamla Stan #nofiler


This was my third trip to Paris and still, I’m underwhelmed. I think Americans romanticize Paris more than necessary. In reality, it’s pretty dirty, Parisians aren’t nice and I felt like I was going to get robbed by gypsies on the metro. Oh and no one wears deodorant which doesn’t seem like too much of a problem until you go to a club.

I have a friend that moved from Laguna Beach to Paris for university. It has been so interesting watching her turn into a local that wears all black and treats tourists like shit. It’s hilarious especially because she’s blonde, petite and looks super approachable. photo eurotrip9.jpg Merci  (it’s a really cool store)
 photo IMG_4041 copy.jpg
 photo eurotrip2.jpg

Got my selfie with Mona!
 photo eiffel_me.jpg
 photo eurotrip1.jpg
 photo IMG_2567.jpg
 photo IMG_2575.jpg
 photo IMG_2660 copy.jpg
 photo IMG_2721.jpg
 photo IMG_2509.jpg Ladurée
 photo IMG_2755.jpg


Santorini was gorgeous. Obviously. I took a detour here because I didn’t get that Russian visa. Being alone in such a romantic place was a strange situation. It was all couples or families. I feel like I would’ve liked it more if I wasn’t alone. I did meet some great people who were also traveling alone. One guy from Canada had been traveling for two and a half months by himself.

I climbed to the top of a semi active volcano and swam in the Aegean. I’m afraid of heights and the ocean. We had to swim to a hot spring because our boat was too big to drop us off there. I literally felt like I was being pulled under and couldn’t breathe but because I’m a masochist, I went through with it anyway. And it just so happens that that is one of the highlights of my trip. Take risks, ppl.
 photo IMG_4217 copy.jpg  photo IMG_4239 copy.jpg
 photo IMG_5287.jpg

I’d like to call this look “shabby chic” but in reality it was day 30 and I was damn tired.
 photo IMG_4371 copy.jpg  photo IMG_3285.jpg


I can’t even write anything about London because I love it so much, words do not suffice. One could spend a lifetime in London and not run out of things to do and see. London’s home.
 photo IMG_3507 copy.jpg
Tea at the Ritz (No, I don’t have extensions.)

 photo IMG_3545 copy.jpg
(top, TOPSHOP; blazer, skirt, Zara; sandals, Clarks)
 photo IMG_3777 copy.jpg  photo IMG_3780 copy.jpg  photo IMG_3826.jpg  photo IMG_3836.jpg  photo eurotrip_va.jpgThe Alexander McQueen exhibit at the V&A Museum was a work of art itself. I was speechless.
 photo IMG_4450 copy.jpg

You know how this castle looks like a CGI on Downton Abbey? It looks like that in person too. It’s unreal. The queen’s cousin, Almina Herbert, lives there so there’s a bunch of mismatched frames with family photos inside; it actually feels like a home. She was apparently casually walking her dogs on the day that I visited, but I didn’t see her.

Highclere Castle, Newbury
 photo IMG_4385 copy.jpg
 photo eurotrip7.jpg  photo IMG_4567.jpg (top, TOPSHOP; skirt, asos; trench coat, Monki)
 photo IMG_4495 copy.jpgDalston Roofpark
(dress, Zara; earrings, Badgley Mischka)
 photo eurotrip12.jpg  photo IMG_4505 copy.jpg Dalston
 photo euro1.jpg  photo euro2.jpg
(Nails-WAH Nails London)
 photo euro3.jpg
 photo IMG_2030.jpg (socks, Monki)
 photo eurotrip18.jpg Oblix at the Shard
 photo eurotrip17.jpg The Hoxton Hotel, Shoreditch
 photo eurotrip16.jpg
Borough Market
 photo eurotrip15.jpg Camden Lock
 photo eurotrip14.jpg Sky Garden
 photo eurotrip11.jpg Dishoom, Shoreditch
 photo eurotrip13.jpg Spitalfields Market, Shoreditch
 photo eurotrip10.jpg
S/O to everyone who actually read this whole thing.

Oh and I’m now taking applications for a European husband (I need a European passport)…jk not jk 

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