Fringe and Floral

Obviously, fringe is in. It’s just another one of these 70s comeback trends: bolo ties, suede jackets, denim skirts, etc. Tonight, I took a classier, more dressed up route with this little fringe number. I’ll be dressing it down with some docs and a white crop top as well. (I’m wearing it a little higher up than shown on the model.)

 photo IMG_4522 copy.jpg

 photo IMG_4520 copy.jpg
 photo IMG_4527 copy.jpg
 photo IMG_4524 copy.jpg

Anyway, I’m back in LA (booo) and coming to terms with that fact that I’m a hoarder. The movers brought a nice thirty-three box truckload of my crap and dumped it in my apartment yesterday. It looks like a train wreck. I have way too much clothing and because of that, I forget where things are and eventually forget they exist. This perpetuates more shopping and basically an endless downward spiral. I’m going to make it a point to only buy something new if I get rid of something old.

I start summer school on Monday…7-10 am four times a week (RIP to my summer).



body chain-asos

shoes-Stuart Weitzman


lipstick-MAC “Morange”

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Sonum Kahlon

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