photo 21st_full1.jpg
 photo IMG_8043 copy.jpg
 photo IMG_4812 copy.jpg  photo IMG_7943 copy3.jpg
 photo IMG_8044 copy.jpg
 photo IMG_8004 copy.jpg
 photo IMG_7989 copy.jpg I’m finally 21! It’s such a relief. I got carded a couple times last night and I was like “yup, damn straight I’m of age” and skedaddled on in. It was a liberating experience.
I had dinner at my favorite spot, Fig & Olive in West Hollywood which has been a birthday tradition since I was 18.
I went with a pant suit because I’m progressive AF and can’t fall into societal constraints (lol). I was inspired by Hailey Baldwin’s look from Cannes, I feel like the choker made this look more modern. This outfit though, was like the most uncomfortable outfit of my life. I could barely breathe. I had to alter the pants and make them tighter because apparently my waist to hip ratio is colossal. With that and the heels, I was probably walking around like a flamingo last night.
Anyway, my birthday weekend continues tonight–dinner with my parents and then Exchange LA tomorrow eeeep.

top & pants-Misha collection
bag-Chanel (c/o my sister)

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Sonum Kahlon

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