Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic & Other Stories

Los Angeles has no style. Let’s just collectively accept this fact. There are no Free People-esque models walking around the city or Song of Style/The Blonde Salad looking baddies struttin’ their stuff down Melrose. It’s mostly just stylistically confused individuals which deem LA to not having a real fashion week (#LAFW isn’t a real thing, you guys). I consider myself to be a highly confused individual (in many respects) but in the sense that one day I’ll dress like the goth girl that freaked you out in high school and the next a suburban housewife that sips on a bottle of pinot grigio all day waiting for her children to get back from school. Anyway, the Veuve Clicquot Polo match was kind of sad. My sister and I got VIP but not “Rosé Garden” tickets so maybe all the classy people were there?? I saw some fashion bloggers and notable employees of companies such as Revolve Clothing toppling over because of the large amounts of alcohol they consumed. Not cute. And absolutely no one was watching the actual polo match. The sports commentator (is that what they’re called?) kept mentioning that the “real fun” was down at the field instead of by the food trucks…I beg to differ. The game was incredible boring since the opposing team had Nacho Figueras and absolutely obliterated the Veuve Clicquot team. I doubt I’d go to this event again unless I have Rosé Garden tickets but it was fun dressing up and wearing a fascinator. Because when else in life will I get to do that?

 photo IMG_8202.jpg
 photo IMG_7970 copy.jpg
 photo IMG_8189.jpg
 photo IMG_8062 copy.jpg
 photo IMG_8191 copy.jpg
 photo IMG_8097.jpg

fascinator-ASOS I had my eyes on this fascinator, but didn’t want to risk it with the shipping timing
shoes-Zara, studded by me

(ASOS, I’m seriously your biggest fan. Hire me after graduation? K thnx.)

In other news, here are some trends I like for fall:

 photo Lily-Rose-Depp-attends-the-Chanel-show-as-part-of-the-Paris-Fashion-Week-Womenswear-SpringSummer-2016.jpg
ribbon scarves

 photo IMG_7953.jpg dip dyed, destroyed denim (wooo alliteration) these are from Nasty Gal and bell sleeved tops

 photo Newsletter_usa_b2.jpg mustard colored suits (Zara)

 photo d7844e723d4965f59405e6c25800a50c.jpg metallic pleated skirts (except gold with a black vintage band tee tucked in, red lips and Adidas superstars)

In other news yet again, I just got an internship with a marketing firm here in LA. This is the direction I see myself headed towards after graduation so it’s exciting that I found a company I want to work for that also allows me to work outside of the office. I haven’t been interning as much as I was earlier in college because of my rigorous class schedule (like 23 hours a week, whaaat?!)

I’m going to start posting on the blog more often–I have so much to share in terms of fashion and I tend to just keep it to myself. But that’s going to change.

I’ve been so incredibly busy. This upcoming weekend will be the first weekend I’m actually staying my apartment. The past 4 weekends have been in: Vegas, New York, home and Santa Monica. Through all these trips I’ve realized that I need a fast paced career with a lot of traveling. That’s the goal.

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