Health Goth//NYX review

This look would be categorized as “health goth” if I wore some leggings and trainers instead of a circle skirt and boots. But I just really love that phrase…”Health Goth.” (And I’m technically not even dressed goth…oh well, it’s my blog so I’ll call this look what I want). 😏

Anyway, my main focus of this post is my new purchases–the NYX liquid suede in “Stone Fox” and the matte lipstick in “Whipped Caviar.” A few years ago, I experimented with NYX and wasn’t impressed. (I usually stick with brands found at Sephora). I only bought a few eyeliners to start out with and they didn’t stay for more than a couple hours and weren’t very pigmented. This time around, I’m extremely satisfied. The liquid suede is much more moisturizing than Lime Crime’s Velvetines–my former and pricier obsession. The matte lipstick also didn’t disappoint–it wasn’t drying like most matte lipsticks.

 photo IMG_4963 copy.jpg  photo IMG_4954 copy.jpg

 photo IMG_4953 copy.jpg
 photo IMG_4971 copy.jpg

Oh hey, my blog is 6 years old today. HBD TUFG! Thanks for listening to my rambling for so many years, Interwebz.

top-Vintage Fila (via Urban Outfitters)
jacket-Vintage Levi’s (via Nasty Gal)
skirt-American Apparel
boots-Doc Martens

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