Skinny Scarves + Leather Coats

This outfit was inspired by Jennifer Aniston in Friends. I misplaced the photo, but in an episode she was donning a long leather coat with some bell bottom jeans. I’ve been looking for something similar ever since I saw that episode and finally came across this piece at ASOS (naturally).

Finals are this week and next week and my brain feels like a pile of mush. But the trends I’m feelin’ right now are: mid calf booties, skinny scarves, ribbon as necklace (wrapped around and as shown below) and leather coats and button down jackets.
 photo IMG_5120 copy.jpg
 photo IMG_5121 copy.jpg
 photo IMG_5127 copy.jpg
 photo IMG_5131 copy.jpg




booties-Jeffrey Campbell


 photo IMG_5115 copy.jpg

 photo IMG_1018.jpg(ribbon necklaces!)
 photo IMG_1027.jpg
(Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles)