Blue Monday

Today happens to be one of the most statistically “depressing” days of the year. Though I don’t give weight to useless myths like these, today has made me think a lot about happiness. Happiness is not a choice. People who believe in this school of thought have never experienced all encompassing, crippling depression. These people shouldn’t comment on something they don’t understand. I do think we make choices that either facilitate or hinder our happiness. 2016 is going to be a year of not making choices that coincide with the latter. It’s not cool or trendy to dwell in unhappiness.

I plan on starting this new lifestyle and mindset by simply getting rid of extra stuff in my apartment e.g. clothes I haven’t worn in years, old textbooks and the like. Clean surroundings, clear mind. Next, I’m going to invest more time into meaningful friendships. I’m nearly 22, the time has passed for trying hard with people that don’t try hard for you. I left these juvenile tendencies in 2015. I’m ready and open to the experiences that 2016 has in store.

 photo sm_116.jpg

This lip combination is a dead ringer for “Posie K,” the new Kylie Jenner lip kit color. I didn’t achieve this look on purpose but when editing photos I noticed that it was a dupe. I lined and filled in my lips with MAC’s “Whirl” and then placed Lime Crime’s “Faded” on top.
 photo IMG_5292 copy.jpg

 photo IMG_5300 copy.jpg
 photo IMG_5299 copy.jpg
 photo IMG_5298 copy.jpg

 photo IMG_3921 copy.jpg
Oh Wonder last week at the El Rey theatre; they were incredible.

bodysuit-American Apparel
jeans-7 For All Mankind
belt-asos, similar here
skinny scarf-asos
over shirt-Zara

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