LA Art Show, Pop Physique, Etc.

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The LA Art Show was incredible. It was a bit overwhelming–there was a whole convention center full of artwork. LA doesn’t have many galleries or much of an emphasis on art at all, but I think this is changing.
necklace-belt from UO
 photo 12647096_10206915373895231_7758087140483353140_n.jpg
(Infinity Room at The Broad)
 photo FullSizeRender_3.jpg
Pop Physique is my new favorite place to work out. I’ve previously taken barre but I wasn’t impressed enough by their marketing or customer service to go back. Pop Physique has fun decor and interested instructors. They accommodated my back problems and were interested in my opinions about new times for their expanding schedule (I go to the new location downtown). Parking is fairly easy in their building’s parking structure and they always have good deals and promotions going on (e.g. $25 for 10 day of unlimited classes). What I like most is that the movements are small and use 1-3 pound dumbbells. I’m not interested in bulking up, just getting more lean muscle. But don’t get me wrong, I wake up so sore that even using a hairdryer becomes a difficulty.

 photo IMG_6023 copy.jpg

(Lake Tahoe)

 photo dionysus_gucci.jpg

 photo gucci loafers.jpg

I’m headed to NYFW this Wednesday and I’m absolutely thrilled. I have about 16 shows to attend. I’m expecting to see a lot of people wearing Gucci (the new loafers and the Dionysus handbags), baby doll dresses, baby pink and blue fur.

 photo FullSizeRender_4.jpg

(one day after lash extensions)

I’ve had lash extensions a few times but wasn’t too impressed. They usually fall out within 2 weeks and cost upwards of $150. I found this little place in Koreatown called Gloss Eyelash Extensions and I highly recommend it. They gave me a really natural look and only charged $70. I’ve had them for 9 days and they still look as good as they did on day one.

outfit photos credit: Jasmine Singh

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