NYFW FW16: Part I

Day 1 wowowow the energy and thrill of it all makes the 24 F degree weather somewhat okay. (Well, maybe not okay, but tolerable.) My sister and I headed to Jay Godfrey bright and early (7:45 am PST, the jet lag is real). I feel like there’s so many pieces I should have brought that I didn’t and things that I did bring I don’t want to use, etc. But I feel like that’s the life of a fashion blogger–never satisfied. It’s going to be so convenient attending fashion week when I live here because then I don’t have to plan every little detail ahead of time and travel with two suitcases (yes, two). I went for a 70s look with flare jeans, a fur coat, gold hoop earrings that match my gold ring sunglasses, and some daisy boots that I made.  photo IMG_5644 copy.jpg
 photo IMG_5616 copy.jpg
 photo IMG_5622 copy.jpg
 photo IMG_5674 copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6271.jpgMauve & gold ❤
 photo IMG_6299 copy.jpg
 photo IMG_6274.jpg
 photo IMG_6275.jpg

The magenta look is my favorite out of these three–it’s effortless.
 photo IMG_6285.jpgLook at those nails!
 photo IMG_5656.jpgAn hour long presentation calls for water breaks.
 photo IMG_5611 copy.jpg
(Jay Godfrey & I)
 photo IMG_5668 copy.jpg(@jmalika21, @itsdevinjl, @iam_dlew)
 photo IMG_5736 copy.jpg
 photo IMG_5738 copy.jpg
 photo IMG_5713 copy.jpg
 photo IMG_5715 copy.jpg
 photo IMG_5722 copy.jpg

 photo FullSizeRender 1.jpg
 photo maison-martin-margiela-parade-daisy-ankle-boots.jpg
I literally finished painting these Margiela inspired shoes the night before I left for fashion week. I bought some “leather paint” that I found on Amazon and some cheap synthetic brushes. The whole thing cost less than $60 (and took less than two hours) since I bought the shoes on sale from asos. I didn’t want to invest too much into a DIY because I feel like they never go as intended but this one went surprisingly well! I think the sloppiness of the flowers makes sense. I wish the paint had been a bit more opaque–I went over the flowers 2-3 times. I got so many compliments and a few people mistook them for the real deal which wasn’t exactly my intention.

Before we headed to the Desigual runway show, my sister and I got some french braids done at Dry Bar. They only charged about $10 and did a much better job than we could’ve done ourselves. I feel like it elevated my look and made it a little less predictable.

Desigual has some very detailed pieces; the patterns are vibrant and enticing but the styling isn’t always my favorite. The patterns tend to clash but I can appreciate the aesthetic. Fashion is what you want it to be. There is no right or wrong.

 photo IMG_5751 copy.jpg
 photo IMG_6372 copy.jpgThis season there were a ton of hats and some makeshift turbans that I was totally into.
 photo 12742807_10207000100093333_5090423445057134592_n.jpg
(Miss J Alexander)
 photo 12742708_10207000102213386_5777863155861844428_n.jpg
(Nigel Barker)

YEEZY SEASON 3. This was one of the best events of my life. The positive energy in the room was palpable. Kanye was calm and collected for the most part–I did see him yell at a couple employees mid-show when nothing had gone visibly wrong (maybe they didn’t switch the lights quick enough?) The music was incredible, I had goosebumps. I don’t totally understand the album title…I honestly feel like he just picked a title from one of his fans’ tweets. Is it The Life of Pablo Escobar or Picasso? We may never know. The whole Kardashian clan was there, @WeWoreWhat, Lamar Odom, 2 Chainz, etc. The Kardashians were dressed in white, diamonds and fur. I feel like this was done on purpose to contrast with what everyone else would be wearing–camel, khaki and black tones (typical Yeezy style). The clothes themselves were okay–the models that were on the platform donned some cool pieces. The shoes were what everyone was truly interested in. He said that he’s going to make more this season and sell them for cheaper. I love how Kanye hired regular people with different body shapes and sizes. By having a fashion show at Madison Square Garden he is literally revolutionizing the fashion industry. Fashion doesn’t have to be this exclusive thing anymore. (Though he is capitalizing on it handsomely). Setting up a fashion show you can attend by buying a ticket is such an American, capitalist thing to do and I completely support it. Kanye was playing his tracks and the whole venue was dancing along including the Kardashians and all of Kanye’s friends that were near him. He even tried to hand one of his friends the aux cord but Soundcloud wasn’t working. It literally became a big party (with a ton of security and boundaries). Upon leaving, we decided to pick up some merchandise and saw people buying 20-30 shirts each to resell which was super frustrating. The line took two hours to get through and by the time we were at the front, only XXL shirts and sweatshirts were left. Naturally, I bought one anyway because YAY YEEZY.
 photo IMG_6413.jpg
 photo IMG_5809.jpg
 photo IMG_5820.jpg
 photo IMG_5799 copy.jpg
 photo IMG_5815 copy.jpg
 photo IMG_5826.jpg
(The Kardashian/Jenner clan)
 photo IMG_5785.jpg


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