Women Don’t Owe You Shit

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(photographer: cpoplawski.com)

Quick outfit post before I go back to qualitative data analyses…(someone please remind me why I chose to major in Psychology?? Anybody?)

Finals prep, senior events, end of the year celebrations, concerts, moving out–everything is moving so fast. Every time I see a freshman I think back to what a child I was four years ago. Just kidding, let’s be real, I’m still a child but with more prominent cheek bones and a few gray hairs.

In other news, I’m going to Kaskade next week and I just bought my ticket to HARD Summer. I like how I say I’m done with music festivals yet I keep goin’ back. Buy experiences, not material goods.

top-Petals and Peacocks via the IDAFT event
skirt-One Teaspoon
choker-Vida Kush
sunglasses-Sorella Boutique
cape-Vintage via Fairfax Flea Market
lipstick-Tarte creamy matte lip paint

When Life Gives You Lemons

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I’m constantly trying to figure out my specific style and I feel like I’m getting closer every day. I am most comfortable in clothing that is two sizes too big for me. I can’t wear push up bras and low cut tops. I dread being compared to the Kardashians just because of my long hair, skin color and body type. I feel “sexiest” wearing oversized clothing, showing off my waist, my shoulders, using strategically placed mesh fabric, wearing satins and silks. I would rather be sultry than overtly sexy.

This outfit describes me pretty well–quirky, chic, unpredictable yet runway inspired (Gucci SS16–still obsessed). I’m in a constant struggle between being enticed by “fast fashion” but also wanting to look grown up and polished. I will always love blue lipstick, Doc Marten’s and glitter but I’m ready to be an adult.

I could never condemn another woman for wearing what makes her happy–free the nipple, wear booty shorts, do whatever you want. But this is me. I simply don’t understand the benefit to dressing this type of way. Men should not objectify our anatomy in the first place but as we all know, this has not changed over the years. I came across some photos on Kim Kardashian’s Instagram that rendered me speechless:
 photo kimk_post.jpg
We all have those friends that post photos like these (but maybe a bit less X-rated) using lollipops, ring pops, ice cream cones and the like. Why on EARTH do women post this shit? Is it because of the attention received? But why would one want this type of attention? Why would you want a man to comment provocative bull shit on your post? Why does it matter if you get 258 likes instead of 125? Social media isn’t real life.

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top-American Apparel
pants-Vintage via James Rowland Shop
clutch-Kate Spade

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“Beyoncé is trying to tell you to stop making a man the center of your whole world.” Lemonade is the perfect blend of feminism, independence and general bad ass-ness.

Coachella ’16 Recap

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 photo IMG_2697.jpg
top-Bustown Modern Vintage
skirt-Eden & Eden Vintage
cape-Fairfax Flea Market
sunglasses, necklace-Fairfax Flea Market
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 photo IMG_6593 copy.jpg
 photo IMG_6594 copy.jpg
top-Bustown Modern
skirt-One Teaspoon
crown-Nasty Gal
shoes-Jeffrey Campbell
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top-Sorella Boutique
bodysuit-American Apparel
necklaces-from India
shorts-Levi’s & DIY
sunglasses-Crap Eyewear
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Coachella was a shit show. The festival is filled with so many different types of people that the vibe is off. Imagine standing next to a racist, a gay man, a homophobe and a person whose first language was not English. Everyone is full of disdain for each other. The Desert Sun came out with an article talking about the racism at Coachella. And don’t even get me started on the amount of Native American headdresses that I saw…

All of this is in contrast with festivals such as Outside Lands and Lollapalooza where the love and positive energy is palpable. I yelled at a group of men for talking (about drugs) throughout the (incredible) Sia performance. That didn’t even work. Two other women had to yell at them as well and then they finally left. It seemed as if everyone was just trying to do drugs and dance like crazy instead of having a meaningful experience. The VIP section was even worse. Those people were just there for the photos–they didn’t enter the crowds with their heels and Chloe cross-body purses (trying to imagine these chicks pushing through to get to the front for a set makes me lol). I would only return to Coachella for networking purposes if I work in the fashion industry. This isn’t a festival to attend for good vibes and positivity.

I still had a relatively good amount of fun though…seeing Alessandra Ambrosio, Karlie Kloss, Emily Ratajkowski, Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler in person was really cool. Models are way skinnier in person, BTW–even the “healthy” Victoria’s Secret models. Oh so bony and frail. I feel like if I sat on Alessandra’s legs, I’d snap ’em like twigs.


 photo DSC09884 copy.jpg
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 photo DSC09870.jpgt-shirt-James Perse
jeans-Paige Denim

“They have no idea what it takes to be a woman. To grin and bear it, to persevere. The constant state of war, navigating a relentless obstacle course of misogyny.”

Last night I got to go to Whitney Bell’s Event “I Didn’t Ask For This: A Lifetime of Dick Pics” (sorry mom). I felt the feminism and power from a block away, tbh. It was a breath of fresh air to be around like minded people in LA. It was an interactive art space with live tattooing by @seanfromtexas (I’m obsessed with his aesthetic). I picked up a t-shirt and some temporary tattoos that I’ll be donning at Coachella. *sigh* There’s nothing like attending a feminist event shortly after a break up…

Here are some photos from the event:

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 photo IMG_1870.jpg
 photo IMG_1890.jpg
 photo IMG_1860 1.jpg
 photo IMG_1901.jpg
 photo IMG_1930.jpg

(Whitney Bell & I)


A Current Affair

I’m not really a vintage clothing person. I tried to vintage shop in high school but my mom deterred me from the whole thing. She doesn’t like the idea of me wearing “used” clothing.

I’m trying to get back into vintage shopping because there’s nothing like it. If one tries to stay “on trend” and keeps buying fast fashion–it’s an endless cycle of shopping. I’m trying to focus on buying higher quality pieces that I can wear for months rather than just a few weeks.

A Current Affair was such a cool event. I got to meet Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoes (!!!) and check out a bunch of booths from around the state. My favorites were the James Roland Shop, Eden & Eden, Mixed Business and The Promised Land. So much gorgeous, high quality lace, silk and hand dyed indigo…I literally got chills at this event.
 photo IMG_1368 copy.jpg

(Jane Aldridge & I)

Jane is such a sweetheart. I was a mumbling mess when I met her…I wanted to be like, “I’ve been following you for years and looking up to you and you’re one of the reasons I love fashion!!!” But instead I partially forgot how to speak….*sigh*….life


pants-Mixed Business vintage


necklace-Mr. Kate

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 photo IMG_1361.jpg

 photo IMG_1552.jpg
Didn’t end up buying these but look at how fabbbb they are!

 photo IMG_1356.jpg
 photo FullSizeRender_5.jpg
Incredible embroidery on these shorts. Didn’t end up getting these either because they were a bit too big. (I’m feelin’ a DIY comin’ along…)
 photo IMG_1367.jpg

Neeeeed a Sukajan jacket 😻 (that costs less than $450…)

 photo 8b2a39e586112b9fca0fb21dff3af640.jpg(Etsy)
 photo CLOE-WO30_V2.jpg


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