When Life Gives You Lemons

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I’m constantly trying to figure out my specific style and I feel like I’m getting closer every day. I am most comfortable in clothing that is two sizes too big for me. I can’t wear push up bras and low cut tops. I dread being compared to the Kardashians just because of my long hair, skin color and body type. I feel “sexiest” wearing oversized clothing, showing off my waist, my shoulders, using strategically placed mesh fabric, wearing satins and silks. I would rather be sultry than overtly sexy.

This outfit describes me pretty well–quirky, chic, unpredictable yet runway inspired (Gucci SS16–still obsessed). I’m in a constant struggle between being enticed by “fast fashion” but also wanting to look grown up and polished. I will always love blue lipstick, Doc Marten’s and glitter but I’m ready to be an adult.

I could never condemn another woman for wearing what makes her happy–free the nipple, wear booty shorts, do whatever you want. But this is me. I simply don’t understand the benefit to dressing this type of way. Men should not objectify our anatomy in the first place but as we all know, this has not changed over the years. I came across some photos on Kim Kardashian’s Instagram that rendered me speechless:
 photo kimk_post.jpg
We all have those friends that post photos like these (but maybe a bit less X-rated) using lollipops, ring pops, ice cream cones and the like. Why on EARTH do women post this shit? Is it because of the attention received? But why would one want this type of attention? Why would you want a man to comment provocative bull shit on your post? Why does it matter if you get 258 likes instead of 125? Social media isn’t real life.

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top-American Apparel
pants-Vintage via James Rowland Shop
clutch-Kate Spade

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“Beyoncé is trying to tell you to stop making a man the center of your whole world.” Lemonade is the perfect blend of feminism, independence and general bad ass-ness.

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Sonum Kahlon

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