Kylie Lip Kit Review + Swatches

 photo IMG_5923.jpg

Flash off:
 photo IMG_8221.jpg

Flash on:
 photo IMG_8218.jpg

(From top to bottom: King K, Reign, Heir, Candy K, Dolce K, Exposed, Koko K, Poise K)
 photo IMG_7045 copy3_2.jpg
 photo IMG_7067 copy.jpg
 photo IMG_7068 copy.jpg
(eyeliner-Stila in “Periwinkle”)

I’ve had these infamous kits for about a month in order to assess their quality and give a proper review. First of all, I bought way too damn many. I got excited and bought 3 Candy K’s (one for my sister who ended up having an allergic reaction…awkward).

I don’t think these kits were made with tan women (and men, for that matter) in mind. The shades are all a bit off. The pinks and tans are a little too light to look good on my skin tone. For example, Koko K gives me Snooki circa 2008 flashbacks and looks chalky. I wish the shades were a bit more universally flattering.

The metals are fun to play with–I like Heir on top of Candy K and Reign on top of Poise K but these aren’t combinations I’d wear on a daily basis. In these photos, I’m wearing Candy K with “Whirl” by MAC as a lip liner. I like how the darker lip liner gives my lips more dimension and makes them look bigger. The liners that are provided proved kind of useless to me because I prefer lining my lips with a shade that’s slightly darker than my lipstick (aka lip contouring).

As for the product itself, it ended up being too drying. I prefer Lime Crime’s Velvetines (fave shades: Cashmere & Faded) and Anastasia Beverly Hills’ liquid lipsticks (fave shades: Dusty Rose & Sepia) because they don’t make my lips dry to the point where the product flakes off. When I use the Kylie lip kits, I’ll keep Vaseline or a similar shade of lipstick on hand to smoothen things out (yes, I realize having lipsticks in the same color as the kit defeats the purpose of buying the kit but I got caught up in the hype, ok. I still believe that these kits are simply repackaged ColourPop Cosmetics lipsticks). We’re simply paying the $29 price tag for her name and packaging while she rakes in the royalties (good for her,tbh). The quality resembles drugstore products (though, equating her products’ quality with that of other drugstore products would be dissing companies like NYX and they make some pretty great stuff).

Verdict: It’s cool to finally get your hands on these coveted products but if you’re looking for a high quality liquid lipstick, I’d go with another brand (NYX, Anastasia Beverly Hills and Too Faced make some good ones). These kits are simply too drying but I’m excited to see where Kylie takes the brand and how she improves her products.

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