Vanessa Mooney x Verge Girl x Jeffrey Campbell

 photo Sonum Silverlake-157 copy.jpg
 photo Sonum Silverlake-137 copy.jpg
 photo Sonum Silverlake-108 copy.jpg
 photo Sonum Silverlake-165.jpg
 photo Sonum Silverlake-117.jpg
 photo Sonum Silverlake-156 copy.jpg
 photo Sonum Silverlake-142.jpg
 photo Sonum Silverlake-155.jpg
 photo Sonum Silverlake-106.jpg
 photo Sonum Silverlake-162 copy.jpg
 photo Sonum Silverlake-114.jpg
 photo Sonum Silverlake-131 copy.jpg
 photo Sonum Silverlake-125 copy.jpg
 photo Sonum Silverlake-148.jpg
 photo Sonum Silverlake-124 copy.jpg
 photo Sonum Silverlake-98.jpg
top-Verge Girl
necklace-Vanessa Mooney
earrings-Vanessa Mooney
shoes-Jeffrey Campbell

Published by

Sonum Kahlon

Stuck somewhere in between glamour and 'I just rolled out of bed'

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