Baby Spice

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I’m feeling super TBT in this mini cami slip dress, choker and platform tennis shoes. I feel like all I need is a lollipop to complete the look. 

I happened to be wearing this outfit when I went to get my nails done and this lady was like “Aw you look so cute! Like a little girl.” I don’t know if I should take that as a compliment. Whatevz. She looked like a housewife. Probably was one.

I’ve also seen a few fashion bloggers wear their hair half up kind of like this. I have super thick hair so I decided to do this rather than wearing it half up in a bun.

Side note: one month until I LEAVE FOR LONDON

dress-Nasty Gal


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Everybody needs an LBD. 

-being an ASOS brand ambassador is amazing
-midterms are taking over my life
-spring break is next week, yay!
-I’m really into kimonos lately..gotta get myself one
necklace-Nasty Gal


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Quilted pieces: I’m a tad late on this one but better late than never, right? I saw a top like this at Zara a few months back but they didn’t have my size. I then came across this dupe at H&M and snagged it immediately. It’s a spring friendly piece so I chose it instead of this little number from ASOS (even though that skirt is fabulous). 
Oh and my answer to dressing down every look: Doc Martens. 

boots-Doc Martens 

Whitney Eve/ASOS Brand Ambassador

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If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you’ve seen that I’ve started interning at Whitney Eve…aka dream internship. It’s nothing like a stereotypical internship. We’re encouraged to contribute on whatever we want and we don’t go on coffee runs. My title is “Social Media Intern” and I’ve been working on some fun little stuff the past few weeks that I can’t wait to share. 
In other news, I recently found out that I (along with two others) are the official USC ASOS Brand Ambassadors. Basically the coolest thing ever because I shop at ASOS on the regular. We get to give away free ASOS products and hold events with other organizations on campus. 
This “dress” is detachable–something I’ve never seen before. I decided to wear it with a pair of doc’s because as an intern, even though I might want to wear heels and be all fancy/professional, if they’re not required…I won’t do it. I learned this the hard way. Plus the docs make the dress less grandma and more…#punk. 
detachable dress-ASOS
boots-Doc Marten’s 
bracelets-Yurman, Hermes, Prada

Dots & Stripes

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I got the amazing Canon EOS Rebel T5i for my birthday; I’m slightly obsessed…actually, extremely obsessed. I’ve been blogging since 2009 and this is my first DSLR so naturally, I’m ecstatic. 
I like the juxtaposition of the polka dots and the metallic strap sandals. It makes the outfit more day appropriate.

jeans-Alice & Olivia


I just got back from having dinner in LA with Vera from Verameat! I have a friend in my sorority who knows Vera’s little sister so she set this dinner up. We went to Nong La, a Vietnamese restaurant, and it was actually really good! I had never tried Vietnamese food before. It was such a surreal experience meeting my favorite jewelry designer and it couldn’t have happened at a better time. I’ve been questioning what to pursue in college and she gave me some valuable advice.

wedge sneakers-eBay
fur vest-H&M

Rainbow unicorn~ semi like my Pegasus costume from last year…I’m not obsessed with mythical creatures or anything…

Blue Fur

Colored fur. I love this stuff. I kind of ended up matching a lot today. I like how I can dress this floral skirt down with a retro, casual tee. I knotted the top instead of tucking it in because I feel like it gives it a punk feel which goes with the distressed nature of it. Plus, it’s sort of 90s which is all the rage. I’m still kind of in winter mode because it’s still pretty cold where I live. But I feel odd wearing completely winter pieces so I invested in colorful but cold weather friendly pieces.

Now I totally want to wear this outfit out to a punk rock concert instead of sitting in my room writing about the beautiful harmony of spring colors present in this look. Why does my town have to be so uneventful!? 

In other news, I will be visiting my future college next week. Should be interesting. I can’t believe I’m moving in a little over four months.
Found these celestial-esque earrings at asos; I’m totally in love with them even though I wish they were bigger.

top, bcbg; skirt, h&m; tights, dkny; jacket, nasty gal; platforms, uo

Black Leopard

Just received this UNIF coat in the mail from Nasty Gal and I absolutely hate it. The sleeves were made for someone with abnormally skinny arms. My arms are pretty skinny and literally, my blood circulation was cut off while wearing this which is such a shame because it’s fully lined and would’ve been so comfortable and warm. I would return it for a larger size but sales at Nasty Gal are final. Also, the jacket is asymmetrical and fits weirdly so that’s probably why the model is holding the collar in the photo, I presume. 
I like the bright colors in the top and I obviously never let one piece dominate a look, so I paired it with my brightest skirt. This is as far as I go with the whole mixing prints trend. To be different, I put the python skinny belt super low. 

I know, I know, I look like I’m sleep deprived or high on something when I’m not wearing black eyeliner. But I’ve gotten way too comfortable with dark make up and I’m trying to change that up for spring. I went a little eyeliner crazy today at Ulta and Sephora. I have a few ideas with what I can do with them so stay tuned for some weird stuff. I may try an Effie Trinket look, who knows. Photobucket
PhotobucketI recently got this top from Romwe and I love the colors, concept and drugged out facial expression on the black leopard but Romwe’s tops suck to be honest. First off, everything is one size. This isn’t a big deal for me for the most part but this top is over sized until it hits the bottom hem. The top tapers in and is super tight at the hem. It’s not just this top, it’s all of the chiffon and silk ones. I have bought two similar styles and both have had the same issue. This makes it hard to wear the top with pants and it loses all of it’s charm tucked in. I assume Romwe knows they have an issue because none of their chiffon or silk boxy tops are modeled. I may cut slits in the sides or something, but beware y’all. 
top, romwe; skirt, asos; belt, h&m; coat, nasty gal; heels, jeffrey campbell; bracelets, f21; blue liquid liner, nyx; gold liquid liner, urban decay

Santa Barbara

I was in Santa Barbara the last couple of days where I started prematurely dressing for spring in 45 degree weather. It was snowing on the grapevine on the way home today. Crazy. Anywho, I’m starting to get into brighter colors even though I had previously shied away from the neon trend. I also have some kelly green jeans I’ll be pairing with this top in order to fulfill my “monochromatic jelly bean” dressing dream. I’m excited about this pleated leather skirt too. I had been looking for one for the past few weeks and found this one at H&M and decided to buy it even though it was 2 sizes too big. (fashion girl problems) Photobucket
PhotobucketI found this lovely necklace at H&M, it has opalescent and orange stones, super on trend and reminds me of the necklace I was talking about in my last post. PhotobucketP.S. Snakeskin is my new favorite print.
top, skirt, clutch, h&m; belt, asos; socks, american apparel; oxfords, steve madden


Bought this dress from asos in anticipation it would come with a slip. Well it didn’t so I layered a velvet mini underneath. I could’ve worn one of the black slips I already have, but these textures look way cooler. I like how theres a slit on the side of the dress that lets the emerald peak through.

Bare upper midriff: I ❤ it. Unfortunately, I have no idea where I could go to wear an outfit like this. I pretty much live in a hick town so this is as far as I can take playing dress up–my dining room. Girl's night in the movies consists of getting all dressed up but my girl's nights entail watching Ryan Gosling and Taylor Lautner movies in the comfort of my home in my Columbia sweatshirt and j.crew sweat pants. Sweat pants you say?! I own one pair, but lets keep that on the DL, I have a rep to maintain as TUFG.

 I’ve been wearing the heck out of this fur collar because not only does it provide ample warmth, it gives outfits just enough amount of edge with its cranberry-wine color.
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