Meetings and Finals

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Winter break is so close I can’t deal. While I’m wrapping up one semester I’m simultaneously getting ready for next semester in terms of internships and classes. As a second semester sophomore I should have a grasp on what I want to do after college…today I found out that a certain fashion magazine I want to write for pays their writers about 24k a year. And that isn’t even an entry level salary. Public school teachers make more… Anyway, I’m just having another one of my existential crises, nbd. I think about this stuff and freak out and then get over it like every other week. 

This skirt is very Alexander Wang-y and sort of matches too much with the top but it’s a perfect combination for a meeting: trendy yet not experimental. I’m also obsessed with quilted leather–it’s a unique accent on this otherwise plain coat. 

top-Aqua via Bloomingdale’s
skirt-free people

Celebrate the Difference

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I’m obsessed with Civil Regime’s fall collection. They were kind enough to send me some pieces that have integrated into my wardrobe fabulously. Hats usually aren’t my thing but I’m really liking this snapback. This top reminds me of Givenchy’s iconic angry dog tee which makes it all the more awesome.

Plaid is a fall staple and extremely easy to style. It’s a great print to mix with grunge-y pieces. 

Be on the lookout for more Civil Regime looks!

top c/o Civil Regime
hat c/o Civil Regime
necklace-Aqua via Bloomingdale’s

sweater-American Apparel

Lazy Oaf Pineapple Dress

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This dress was definitely a hit on the Greek row last night… I got told the dress reminded someone of a Pokemon character and then we discussed Exeggutor and Pikachu for a bit. At a frat party. I kid you not. 

I always end up wearing something that sparks up conversation when I go out.

Oh and my trusty JC boots: they will forever be my going out shoes. I don’t understand why girls wear heels or super white converse when going to fraternity parties. They’re destined to get wrecked. 

dress-Lazy Oaf
boots-Jeffrey Campbell

Summer Nostalgia

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Okay can we just talk about how fabulous Selena Gomez looked at the Versace S/S ’14 show in Milan… Basically that look embodies what I want my uniform to consist of this fall. 
Girly silhouettes, dark colors and bold lips.

I’ve been briefly following NYFW, LFW and MFW through Instagram. My course load does not allow for internet fashion obsession. Nor does it allow for television watchin’ (I’ve been sticking solely to glimpses of CNN whilst making breakfast…who am I?) I was completely unaware of the production of The Originals. Is this a spinoff television series? Is The Vampire Diaries going to air simultaneously? I mean, I’m not sure why I’m curious considering I dropped watching TVD a while ago. But in my opinion they are taking this whole series way too far…I think it’s time to wrap it up. 

In other news, I attended a Mount Kimbie show the other day at the EchoPlex. Interesting music, intriguing slideshows and a lot of people watching… I’m definitely not a Silverlake/Echo Park person. Nor am I into trance music (though “Made To Stray” is a pretty good song). It was a cool experience nonetheless. It made me nostalgic for Lollapalooza. I’m in need of a therapeutic music festival ASAP.

skirt-Brandy Melville
necklace-Nasty Gal
boots-Jeffrey Campbell 


 photo zaradress2_zpsb130e81e.jpg
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I’m excited about dressing for fall but unfortunately Los Angeles isn’t havin’ the whole cold weather thing. Like…give me overcast…something to work with cmonnnn. 
Anywho, here is a list of items that my fall wardrobe is/will be inundated with:
-oxblood (duh)
-forest green
-cable knit sweaters (American Apparel)
-midi skirts (TOPSHOP & asos)
-gingham print
-boyfriend jeans
-matching crop tops + bottoms
-mesh/jersey tops
-over sized coats (duh x2)
-off the shoulder body-con dresses (quite specific, I know –> Nasty Gal) 
-t-shirt dresses (as depicted in today’s outfit)


Sunset Hues

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 photo DSC03834_zpsb9363aee.jpg
School is kicking my ass–in a good way. I’m in 16 units, I have an internship, I’m writing for the Daily Trojan and I’m in a sorority. “No rest for the wicked” kinda thing goin’ on…ish. 3 out of 4 of my classes revolve around writing and thinking about life in a philosophical manner so I’m pretty much brain dead by this time during the week and all I want to do is watch mindless television shows and eat multigrain waffles. 

Side note: I look very unkempt and that wasn’t done on purpose. #shabbychic #naturally #lol #ineedanap

top-Nasty Gal

Pray for Paris

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I’m obsessed with Pray for Paris ( They have extremely exclusive pieces and they sell out super quickly and the same styles never return. This exclusivity definitely got me interested… I actually had a reminder set on my phone to buy a couple pieces when the new line dropped. They also have great marketing–they use fashion bloggers. That’s how I found out about the line in the first place.
The pieces are so unique; I had multiple people come up to me today to ask where I purchased my shirt.
Side note: I was also “hollered” at by men who were saying “ay! pray fo paris! pray fo paris! ay gurl!” 

Anywho, I was one of the lucky few that got to go to Gypsy Junkie’s private pre-sale today at their headquarters in West Hollywood. I wasn’t expecting much but I was pleasantly surprised by how good the deals were and how many fall-friendly pieces they had on sale. I also had the pleasure of meeting Marcus, one of the creators of Gypsy Junkies. He immediately recognized that my name was Indian and we got to talking about how he visits India quite often. I’d say that the clothes at Gypsy Junkies definitely have an Indian/Middle Eastern feel to them. If you live in LA, definitely check out the sale (August 31st and September 1st). 

I then skedaddled to Santa Monica to hit up the LF sale. The Santa Monica store is definitely less of a mess than any other LF stores in the LA area. This stop was also a success. Lots of rompers, dresses and denim pieces. 

I have added pieces to my online shop, Use the code “LABORDAYMEOW” to get 20% off everything until 9/2 @ 11:59 PM. Happy shopping!

top-Pray for Paris
skirt-Free People
jellies (shoes)-TOPSHOP
rings and bracelet-Verameat
lipstick-MAC’s “Russian Red”

Seven Devils

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 photo IMG_4786.jpg
 photo IMG_4812.jpg
 photo IMG_4836.jpg
 photo IMG_4841.jpg
 photo IMG_4848.jpg
 photo IMG_4853.jpg
 photo IMG_4867.jpg
 photo IMG_4884.jpg
 photo IMG_4899.jpg
 photo IMG_4942.jpg

This shoot: the location, vibe and outfit was inspired by Lana Del Rey. The light leaks were all natural so we got some pretty awesome shots. These photographs have inspired me to want to purchase a Canon T3i.
I’m obsessed with this lingerie style dress. It’s delicate, simple and sexy without being too forward. And naturally, I added my quintessential gold accents. 
I bought these sunglasses to replace my Célines which I so irresponsibly misplaced. But I’m definitely in love with these as well. I’m all about the transparent sunglasses trend. 

platforms-Jeffrey Campbell

Chateau Marmont

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Earlier today my sister texts me that she sent me a package and that I needed to go downstairs and get it because it was perishable. I take the elevator down and she’s standing right there! Pretty much gave me a mini heart attack. She drove eight hours to come surprise me since we haven’t seen each other since March. 
We decided to head to Sunset Boulevard and go to Chateau Marmont which ended up being quite disappointing. So we decided to retreat to our favorite restaurant, Fig & Olive. 

Side note: I have a strong desire to wear this t-shirt to a vegan restaurant… I wonder how that would play out. 

jeans-7 For All Mankind 
platforms-Jeffrey Campbell 
earrings-Kate Spade 
crossbody bag-Rebecca Minkoff

The Bling Ring

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 photo blingring3.jpg
 photo blingringticket.jpg
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 photo blingring2.jpg

I was lucky enough to get to see The Bling Ring premiere last night. I’d say it was a pretty good film, but I didn’t think Emma Watson did that great of a job. Plus, she looked way too old for the role.
I had the pleasure of meeting Katie Chang, who did a fabulous job in the film, and was such a sweetheart when I asked her for a photo. Claire Julien also did an awesome job and rocked a dress by Balmain. 
At one point I was standing next to Paris Hilton. And I got to meet Gwen Stefani. What is my life?

(P.S. I definitely switched into heels for the premiere…)

dress-Free People