River Island

(top, nordstrom; skirt, river island, $17; belt, vintage)

The first time I saw scarf and leopard print combined was on a pair of River Island leggings. I’m not so much of a leggings fan so I decided to recreate the same feel with a skirt.

I was looking for my original inspiration photo and then came across this. Juliette from MAFFASHION can pretty much rock anything!

3 Different Ways to Wear a Slit Maxi Skirt: Classic, Punk, & Casual

Skirts with really high slits can go from tasteful to raunchy really quick. With a few accessories here’s how to avoid that.

 Minimalistic black and white look: classic. I love this slit with sheer black tights, it adds visual interest while keeping the color palette simple.

(top, h&m; skirt, asos; necklace, filthy magic; heels, gee wawa; tights, nordstrom)

¬†Juxtaposing pink and red: punk. I’ve liked this color combination ever since Blair’s red and pink ensemble when she went to wait for Chuck at the top of the Empire State building a while back on Gossip Girl.
(turtleneck, heels, plndr; top, uo; ring, f21)

Sweater and oxfords: casual. Throwing on a loose sweater and switching into flats pretty much makes everything casual. The thin toque necklace brings out the gold on the belt buckle. (You know how much I love hardware!)
(sweater, bcbg; top, uo; ear cuff, etsy; oxfords, steve madden; necklace, ebay; belt, asos)

Tryin’ out this new ‘do. What do you think?


Tried to channel my inner hippie but I’m so over the feathers and the dream catchers, theyre so played out.
Bought these JC Hologram’s during Solestruck’s Black Friday sale. They’re so versatile and I pretty much stared at them for a good two minutes when I first opened the box. (Black Friday Shoe Haul video)
Loop-de-Loop Carousel glitter gloss from Lime Crime: I love the color but Ill be honest, I absolutely hate lip gloss so Ill probably only be using these for blog posts.

Gold torque necklace from Topshop. Shipping took forever and a day and it came broken but yay for super glue!

My mom bought these pants from India. The workmanship is so intricate. 

Finals are next week.
Almost done with college applications.
So. Burnt. Out.

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