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I bought this hat from an unauthorized online seller because there’s no need to contribute to Trump and his agenda. The only place a Trump supporter should exist is as a joke on Halloween. #shadethrown

boots-Doc Martens

Body Suits & Denim Cut Offs

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 photo rumi_bodysuit_zps16yxjcey.jpg (Rumi Neely)

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I know, I know being inspired by Kylie Jenner goes against everything I stand for but I’ll hand it to her, she has good style. (Or maybe it’s her stylist Monica Rose…yes, she has one of those). In contrast, my bottoms are looser and my top is tight and I don’t have one of those fluffy key chains. Those were cool in like 2011, when I had one…just sayin’. I like the nude effect this body suit gives off. It’s a shame American Apparel is probably going out of business.

Today was the second day of school and I’m already swamped. 20 units won’t be easy–wish me luck!

necklace-Jewels by Durrani

bodysuit-American Apparel


shoes-Adidas Superstars

Shy Wilder

Street wear/festival inspired look featuring this crop top courtesy of Shy Wilder. I like this top because it’s a basic piece with a little flair–perfect for summer. The embroidered shorts pretty much scream festival/summer style. All I need to throw this outfit into cliché central would be a floral crown (lolz make them stop plz).  
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top-Shy Wilder
shoes-Nasty Gal
cross body-Nasty Gal
bracelets-Hermes, Yurman, House of Harlow
watch-Michael Kors

Coachella Weekend One

Coachella was amazing but Lollapalooza wins. I feel like way too many people were at Coachella because it’s “hip” and they wanted cool photos. There was too much pressure to dress unique/trendy. I literally wore a t-shirt, shorts and docs everyday at Lolla. I’m all about dressing on trend and taking pictures (duh) but this was one of those times that I would’ve just liked to listen to the music and take it all in.
PSA: do not wear sandals at these things. Docs are hot and sweaty, yeah, but they don’t peel the skin off your toes (TMI, but necessary to information to know). Seriously. Even Birkenstocks weren’t comfortable. 
People advised me against wearing metal jewelry but I didn’t have any issues with it. I chose a cross body over a backpack because when you’re in a big crowd it’s easy for someone to steal something from a backpack. 
I stayed at the J.W. Marriott with some friends and we took the shuttle. Because of this, we weren’t able to go back and forth from the hotel to the event (it was about a 20 minute drive–not worth it). The nice thing about Lolla was that I stayed at a hotel within walking distance.

Day 1

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body chain-Etsy 
kimono-Nasty Gal

Day 2

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 photo IMG_1291_zpsc1d8b1cf.jpg
swim suit-asos

Day 3

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Mr. Kate’s beauty marks last super long–I’m obsessed. 
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 photo IMG_1414_zpse1bec2b9.jpg
 photo IMG_1486_zps416e7290.jpg
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 photo IMG_1678_zps5318f651.jpg
kimono-Nasty Gal

Skedaddling ’round Campus

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 photo IMG_0597_zpsec8561cc.jpg
 photo IMG_0595_zpsed5a98f8.jpg
 photo IMG_0604_zps7ce451fc.jpg

These two casual looks embody what I usually wear to class: Nikes or Docs, tees, bracelets and a tote. I like how soft this Civil Clothing t-shirt is–and it’s a fun play on the typical “lips” tee. I wear my Nike frees outside of the gym because it makes my outfits effortlessly chic and it’s unexpected. 

The second look is so comfortable. I love me some dungarees. I took off a strap so you could see the tee and well, because that’s how I usually wear my overalls (which are perfect for spring!). But I keep true to my usual style and add edgy elements to spring attire–which is why I like this t-shirt and the Civil Clothing brand itself.

top-c/o Civil Clothing
sweater-Nasty Gal
sneakers-Nike Free 5.0

dungarees/overalls-Brandy Melville/Vintage
necklace-Nylon Mag
boots-Doc Martens 

Bangerz Tour: LA

I can’t even put into words how amazing Miley was last night. The visuals made the experience even more entertaining. She’s an artist. I’m reeling. I’m also losing my voice from screaming so much.

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 photo IMG_0567_zps44f3cbd1.jpg
 photo IMG_0571_zpscaadb731.jpg
 photo IMG_0574_zpsa31908c1.jpg
 photo IMG_0577_zpsf9f8224c.jpg
 photo IMG_9179_zpsf22dc5b0.jpg
 photo IMG_9187_zps8bbee74a.jpg
 photo IMG_9199_zpsb39d8833.jpg
 photo IMG_9235_zpsbf995439.jpg

I have non transferable, non refundable tickets to the Oakland show tomorrow. I was planning on flying up to see her once more (better seats) but unfortunately I have an economics quiz…. school>concerts? Ughhhhh.

top- o-mighty
necklaces-UO, Nylon Mag Shop
shoes-Jeffrey Campbell
button down-BCBG


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 photo IMG_0548_zps9f27560a.jpg

Quilted pieces: I’m a tad late on this one but better late than never, right? I saw a top like this at Zara a few months back but they didn’t have my size. I then came across this dupe at H&M and snagged it immediately. It’s a spring friendly piece so I chose it instead of this little number from ASOS (even though that skirt is fabulous). 
Oh and my answer to dressing down every look: Doc Martens. 

boots-Doc Martens