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I bought this hat from an unauthorized online seller because there’s no need to contribute to Trump and his agenda. The only place a Trump supporter should exist is as a joke on Halloween. #shadethrown

boots-Doc Martens

Meetings and Finals

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Winter break is so close I can’t deal. While I’m wrapping up one semester I’m simultaneously getting ready for next semester in terms of internships and classes. As a second semester sophomore I should have a grasp on what I want to do after college…today I found out that a certain fashion magazine I want to write for pays their writers about 24k a year. And that isn’t even an entry level salary. Public school teachers make more… Anyway, I’m just having another one of my existential crises, nbd. I think about this stuff and freak out and then get over it like every other week. 

This skirt is very Alexander Wang-y and sort of matches too much with the top but it’s a perfect combination for a meeting: trendy yet not experimental. I’m also obsessed with quilted leather–it’s a unique accent on this otherwise plain coat. 

top-Aqua via Bloomingdale’s
skirt-free people

Weekend Riches

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(top-Weekend Riches, skirt-Civil Clothing, jacket-UO, boots-Doc Martens)
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(top-Weekend Riches, skirt-Motel Rocks, necklace-shopnylonmag, crossbody bag-Nasty Gal)

The lovely girls (who happen to be sisters) at Weekend Riches were kind enough to send me two tees from their last collection. They’re currently launching a new collection that’s under wraps so stay tuned and follow them on Instagram @weekendriches !

I like these tees because they fit right into my current wardrobe. They’re totally street style friendly. 


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Naturally, midterms are consuming my life. I finally declared a major (double major): economics and creative writing. I believe that combination covers all of my bases (look at me using baseball colloquialisms!) in terms of my interests and strengths. I find it so strange that you’re expected to choose a major right out of high school. You haven’t even been given the chance to explore. I have taken some GEs here at USC that have immensely impacted my views and opinions. If someone told me two years ago that I was going to major in creative writing, I would not have believed them.

In other news, Bangerz is such an amazing album I can’t even deal. I have been listening to it non stop. Miley was phenomenal on SNL this past weekend as well. 

jumpsuit-Nasty Gal
earrings-Kate Spade

Lazy Oaf Pineapple Dress

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This dress was definitely a hit on the Greek row last night… I got told the dress reminded someone of a Pokemon character and then we discussed Exeggutor and Pikachu for a bit. At a frat party. I kid you not. 

I always end up wearing something that sparks up conversation when I go out.

Oh and my trusty JC boots: they will forever be my going out shoes. I don’t understand why girls wear heels or super white converse when going to fraternity parties. They’re destined to get wrecked. 

dress-Lazy Oaf
boots-Jeffrey Campbell


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(my awesome date)

I had invite this past Friday which is basically like formal. We (a group of 30 people…) started the night off with dinner and then we headed to the venue, Sadie Kitchen and Lounge in Hollywood. 

I wore this holographic Parker dress I picked up back in June from Bloomingdale’s. 

I got my hair done for the event which is rare for me because I know how to deal with my hair better than anyone. But Alexis at Studio K in Pasadena did a great job. I had to adjust a few pieces to make it messier when I got home but other than that, I was pretty satisfied. I definitely recommend the salon. 

necklace-Aqua via Bloomingdale’s
bag-Kate Spade
bracelet-Mr. Kate


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I’m excited about dressing for fall but unfortunately Los Angeles isn’t havin’ the whole cold weather thing. Like…give me overcast…something to work with cmonnnn. 
Anywho, here is a list of items that my fall wardrobe is/will be inundated with:
-oxblood (duh)
-forest green
-cable knit sweaters (American Apparel)
-midi skirts (TOPSHOP & asos)
-gingham print
-boyfriend jeans
-matching crop tops + bottoms
-mesh/jersey tops
-over sized coats (duh x2)
-off the shoulder body-con dresses (quite specific, I know –> Nasty Gal) 
-t-shirt dresses (as depicted in today’s outfit)


Surfing & Coconuts

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This would be the end of the Maui photos, I came back to the lovely LA on Sunday. 
Side note: surfing was borderline life changing. I scheduled another lesson in Santa Monica for tomorrow.

Outfit 1
top-Brandy Melville
skirt-free people
earrings-Kate Spade
bag-Rebecca Minkoff

Outfit 2
top-Brandy Melville
skirt-Urban Outfitters
face stickers-Urban Outfitters

Il Pastaio

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 photo DSC02750.jpg

Eight hour work day to a relaxing dinner at a fab restaurant with some friends. I felt like a princess with this crown on, not gonna lie. 

top-American Apparel
skirt-Brandy Melville
lipstick-Lime Crime’s “Geradium”