La Velvet Margarita Cantina

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 My cousin took me to an oddly trendy, punk Mexican restaurant in Hollywood after my internship today and we lightweight had an full throttle photo shoot going on. Anywho, my first day of interning consisted of photoshopping and resizing photos, instagramming (this really should be a proper verb), organizing, picking up lunch and sweeping. Yes, sweeping. Interning isnt as glamorous as portrayed in The Hills but it’s so worth it.


Battlestar Galactica


I have been spending most of my free time watching Battlestar Galactica or reading a Fifty Shades book. I DON’T HAVE A LIFE. No but like really, I hate leaving the house that’s how lazy I am. 24 more days til college so I might as well relish the time I have to myself. 
I know I said Im over galaxy print but these leggings have cacti on them and are in the spirit of my new obsession with Battlestar. I feel a resurgence of leggings on the rise. Im not a huge fan of Black Milk but Lovely Sally leggings are amazing. Since Black Milk leggings are made of polyester and spandex, unless you have super skinny legs, youre going to look stumpy. The material just does nothing for my body. 


leggings-Top Shop
studded loafers-Jeffrey Campbell
watch-Michael Kors


Went to dinner in Lodi today, the “Zinfandel Capital of the World”. Though that has absolutely no significance to my existence because I’m not of drinking age. I wore this dress I bought in New York, from Century 21. When my sister told me about this place I thought it was a joke because the only Century 21 I knew of deals with real estate. But basically, Century 21 is like a higher class TJ Max. There’s All Saints, Alice + Olivia, DVF, and…Alexander McQueen! There wasn’t much of McQueen on the day that I went but I managed to find this dress. Originally $425, it was at Century 21 for $180 and they were having a 50% off sale. The dress isn’t magnificently intricate but it fits well and I feel like it’s going to be a good basic to have around. I can definitely dress it up and wear some bold accessories with it. 


Oh and yes, my hair is a bit shorter. I went to the Butterfly Studio in NYC and I’m actually quite disappointed. They charged me $150 (not including the tip) for a trim and most of my time was spent with an assistant. I had avoided going to a super high end salon so that I could have a good stylist solely work on me but that wasn’t the case. The stylist only spent about 10 minutes with me and didn’t really listen to what I wanted.

dress-Alexander McQueen
heels-Sam Edelman


I GOT A PS1 AHHHHH!!! My 18th birthday is coming up, and Ive been wanting a PS1 for ages, so this was an early birthday present from my mom! I really love taupe handbags right now and this is large enough to fit everything I need for school… (which might change because I dont have to stuff an apple and cottage cheese in there like I did for those long days in high school)
<img alt="
I love this skirt so much (Ive worn it on the blog twice now) but if youre thinking about buying it, Id recommend getting the black. It’s dry clean only and unfortunately I got some food on it and decided itd be a good idea to wash it…oops. Ill send it off to the dry cleaners and hopefully they can take care of it. 
My mom on this skirt: *concerned look* “Sonum make sure you don’t get caught on anything and hurt yourself!” Hahah…she cracks me up.
I’ve worn this lipstick in the past two blog posts–LOVE IT. It’s MAC’s “Chatterbox”. It’s not too light and definitely not magenta so it goes well with my skin tone making it my favorite pink shade (and it’s perfect for summer).
This top is from Nikki Lipstick (yay for independent designers!). I really love how punk and cute (mixing hard and soft people!) it is but it definitely turned some heads today and middle aged women stared at the shirt in awe (the bad kind). But hey, Im a fashion blogger not a people pleaser. 
Extra Large “nude” PS1 aka THE LOVE OF MY LIFE:
Clear glitter nail polish on top of my natural nail. Everyones obsessed with nail art…so why not do the minimalist thing and keep your nails nearly bare?
Side note: trying to grow out my nails so I can try a cool nail deco place in NYC with *hopefully* my natural nails in an almond shape. 

top-Nikki Lipstick
sunglasses-American Apparel
shoes-Marc Jacobs
bag-Proenza Schouler 
watch-Michael Kors
mid knuckle ring-Mr. Kate
hug ring-Verameat
spike bracelet-eBay
nose ring-Claire’s
bindi-Indian store

& I’ve been asked to also list the make up products I’m wearing:
Lipstick-MAC “Chatterbox”
Foundation-Benefit Oxygen Wow (works wonders for your skin!)
Powder-MAC Studio Fix 
Liquid Eyeliner-Hourglass
Brown Eyeliner Pencil (waterline)-MAC “Teddy”
Eyeshadows-MAC “Wedge” “Brun” 
Blush-MAC “Gentle” 
Bronzer-Benefit Hoola

P.S. Wasn’t the lighting lovely in these photos? Took these at around 10:30 this morning. 

Pretty in Pink

I really love the Japanese Kawaii/deco style. I don’t want to take it that far, so here is a pink/cute/sweet/girly look for ya. Photobucket

Finally debuting these puppies on the blog! I absolutely love this concept. I know that Charlotte Olympia has some like these, but they’re cats. 
I came across Mr. Kate’s video of her experience at ES Nail on Melrose Ave. I think I might check out a salon like this while in NYC. 

“colour blocked body”, asos; skirt, necklace, h&m; belt, f21; flats, marc jacobs; bag, prada

Denim on Denim

I never thought I’d do the whole denim on denim thing or wear a bindi with “Western” clothing. But hey, don’t knock it till ya try it, right? I liked this little experiment but I did feel grungier than usual. I wore this to the mall in Roseville today (which is amazing, by the way!) and got a few compliments and a few glares from old ladies. I guess the bindi is a little too out there for some. 
New glitter jelly shoes from Top Shop! The sizing is really weird. I usually get a 9 so I decided to size up and get the 9.5 but I probably should’ve gone with the 8.5. These shoes are really cute but definitely not good for walking because your feet get all sweaty and blistery and yeah, I won’t go into further detail…
tops, urban outfitters; skirt, american apparel; necklace, h&m; shoes, top shop
I styled my sister today! It was my way of proving to her that I can be “classy” and “refined”. I obviously know how to dress that way, B.P./Nordstrom/H&M-esque, but I choose not to. It’s slightly boring to me. Why wear what you know when you can take risks?
The thinnest part of a woman’s body is the upper midriff. I decided to accentuate that with the tight crop top and high waisted skirt. The red lip to keep things interesting and gold jewelry to match the gold hardware on her purse. 
FYI: taupe and beige are my favorite colors for bags as of late. 
top, american apparel; skirt, f21; necklace, h&m; purse, chanel

Oops I Did it Again

Title has to do with the fact that I went for an edgy, 90s inspired Britney Spears look (maybe slightly Lolita, even). High waisted, short skirts and crop tops are going to be my summer uniform. You may recognize the print on this top from a couple of posts ago, that is because I bought a matching top and skirt but I havent really worn them together yet. Speaking of matching stuff, I really like the idea of a pink suit. I’ve seen it on Naomi on and episode of 90210 last week and then Blair on this week’s episode of Gossip Girl. Photobucket
I threw a denim button down on top to make this a tad more school appropriate. I’m definitely going to be buying this skirt in denim for the summertime; corduroy is a bit too wintery. Photobucket
You may notice that I’m a bunch of different shades of tan right now (my face is still pale as hell though) due to my experimentation with bronzing lotion. I’m naturally tan but I can get sort of pale so I’m trying to find the best product that makes girls with my skin tone look more golden. Photobucket
This necklace is a great touch to a lot of my outfits, I’ve been wearing it a lot lately. On another note, commenting has been enabled again! I disabled it because I didn’t care to know what people hiding behind anonymity had to say, but I really do miss the positive comments.Photobucket
PhotobucketNew ring from Verameat! It’s like a hug for your finger 🙂 
P.S. I’m now a part of the creative team at Style Saint! Style Saint is like Tumblr and Pinterest’s fashionable love child. I really do prefer it because now I don’t have to go through pages of irrelevant stuff, it’s all just fashion and beauty. Make an account and subscribe

crop top, asos; denim crop top, f21; skirt, aa; socks, h&m; shoes, zara/DIY



Originally, I was going to wear a sparkly Sherri Hill ball gown altered to tea length but apparently Sherri Hill gowns take two months to make and it wouldn’t have been ready in time. I know I wanted to do something different though. The long dress with the chandelier earrings and heels isn’t really my thing. So I stayed true to myself and bought an All Saints dress. I literally searched hours and hours to find something interesting. I fell in love with the printed chiffon, subtle sequins, and frayed hem line on this dress. I paired it with some awesome earrings from Rent the Runway. I wish they had the option to buy their products because no other store had these. 


I literally studded these brogues myself. I got 100 studs from, made a grid with graph paper, used a sharpie to make dots, used a piercing tool, and screwed them on. It took hours and made my fingers swell. So if you’re thinking about doing a DIY like me, I don’t think it’s worth it unless you have a specific shoe/stud color combination you absolutely need to have. Some type of strong glue would’ve been easier to deal with but the studs would’ve probably have fallen off by the end of the night. If these were available to buy, I would’ve done so. 
I went for a super girly Blair Waldorf-esque vibe with my headband and rossette purse and set it off with my punk-ish shoes. I’m happy with the way it all turned out because I stayed true to myself and definitely looked unique.

I did my hair and make up myself because I’ve always had the worst luck with hair dressers and well, MAC and Clinque make up artists at the mall do a god-awful job. My two main fears were looking like a drag queen and having those crunchy, over hair sprayed ringlets. I tend to think of high school dances as “the attack of the crunchy curls and tulle dresses”.




My date!
Now I’m going to go drug myself with some anti-histamine because I have an upper respiratory infection (aka common cold) and fall into a long slumber. 
P.S. 99 days from now, I will be moving into my dorm in Malibu. Oh snap.

dress $395, all saints; shoes $80, zara; studs $60,; clutch $98, nordstrom; lipstick $34, ysl rouge #19; lip glorss, nars “turkish delight”; mom’s bracelets, nadri; earrings $70, rent the runway; headband, j.crew


Excuse the bizarre, irrelevant title but.. I GOT INTO USC. Spring semester 2013. I had my heart set on Pepperdine so now I don’t really know what to do. USC has been my dream school for like ever though. Oh and prom is tomorrow and I’m sick-ish. So needless to say, I’M STRESSED. 
Anywho, now for the outfit: I decided to bring a punk element to my floral top because this look was at the risk of becoming way too girly for my liking. Photobucket
Trying to go for a new hair look with this headband, I’m kind of likin’ it. Note to self, try out headbands for a new look rather than dying your hair (remember that ombre thing from a few weeks ago? Eeeek!) Photobucket

Collar trend in jewelry form. 
 top, asos; tank, nordstrom; pants $12.95, h&m; loafers, jeffrey campbell; headband, j.crew; lipstick, lime crime “chinchilla”