Winter Lady

Found these photos from a couple of weeks ago on my camera. I’ll go days wearing black and gray and then I’ll get bored of it and leave my house looking like a lollipop. 

 I’ve been totally slacking in the blogging/youtube world this break, my apologies. But Im on this crazy allergy elimination diet, crazy caffeine with drawls, exhaustion, etc. This has given me the opportunity to watch a ton of movies and my top two are: The Art of Getting By and Another Earth. Definitely my new favorite movies.
On the books scene, I just got “Looking For Alaska,” “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children,” “It’s Kind of a Funny Story,” and “Clean.” Yes, this is how I will be spending the remainder of my break.

My Make Up:

This is precisely how I do my eyeliner:

top, unif; fur, evil twin; tights, american apparel; skirt, necklace asos
video: top, motel rocks; earrings, uo

Watch the Waves

This outfit is from my trip to Toronto last month. If you follow me on Twitter you probably saw me complaining about how my stupid Nikon deleted my photos. This outfit post is from my sister’s camera. So after corrupting my SD card, I lost the darn camera. FAIL. I had tons of great photos on it too. 

Crochet mid length skirt, great for summer. I layered it with leggings because it was pretty stormy in Toronto. Otherwise, high waisted denim shorts.

I was in Toronto for the Iifa awards and it seemed like a ton of the Bollywood actors and actresses had red lipstick on. Oh and I had fantastic photos from the Iifa fashion show….on my camera. Wahhh! Since Im in the market for a new camera, I want to buy an SLR, any pointers?

Peacock headband.

top, headband, belt, uo; jacket, vintage; leggings, f21; necklace, bcbg

Bonne Anniversaire a Moi

Tiger kaftan. Party hat. The big one seven.

 Love love love this new feather earring even though it weighs my ear down a bunch.

Lime crime “Cosmopop” lips. Love that tangerine lip trend.

Yes, I wore this party hat all day long. We went to John’s Incredible Pizza tonight, it was a fantastic evening.

dress, minkpink; heels, miu miu; earring, uo; giraffe ring, the bay

With Buddha on my Neckalace-ace-ace

Astronaut! Doctor! Zoologist! What do I smell?
Career day!
Of course, I chose to dress up as a rockstar, Im such a child at heart<3

This shirt is from some random store in LA. It says “blase” on it, meaning something along the lines of you have everything yet you still aren’t happy. Quite depressing, yes.
My hair is insane! I tried to copy Ke$ha’s “garbage chic” style in picking this hair do and, well, the whole outfit.

I untied my Doc’s to be a tad unkempt and didn’t iron my shirt, naughty naughty, I know.

The sequins shorts are a tad unexpected but cool of course. 

Silver bracelets and bronze ring; dress up rocker looks with accessories.
Dark lipstick, glittery eyes, and if you look closely, I painted on tiny stars by my left eye in the spirit of Kat Von D.
Today was a fun dress up day!
I’m so happy to announce that I’m a Teen Vogue Fashion Click Blogger! Check me out here.
leggings, h&m; boots, doc marten; coat, silence & noise

I made this banner in Photoshop. I don’t know what Im going to do with it yet, but isn’t it snazzy? 

The title’s alluding to my fashion inspiration for this outfit, the one, the only Ke$ha.