Crop top from last summer with my DIY studded shorts. I added a little Native American flair with the dreamcatcher earrings. I’m so glad to be living in a country where I can post on a blog and say whatever the hell I want.


top-Nasty Gal (last year)
sandals-Top Shop
earrings-Hudson’s Bay Company 
lipstick-Lime Crime “No She Didn’t”

Have a lovely fourth!

Fifty Shades of White

See what I did there with the title? Heheh. As a contrast to the crazy things I usually wear, I wanted to tone it down today. Both the top and the bottom are from Pins and Needles at Urban. I bought them both for $9.99 each but I found out later that the cami is $4.99 online. Urban has had some great pieces lately. Anywho, there were a ton of sales yesterday (Verameat, The Pokey Hat, Solestruck, and Motel Rocks) because apparently it was “national splurge day” which is something I’ve never even heard of…but hey, I’m not complaining! 
I always feel the need to pair leopard with red so I went for this deep red lip. I used a lip stain by Smashbox in the color “sangria”. The stain itself is super drying and I was hoping it was more of a light tint but with the tinted lip balm, it’s actually a really nice lip color. Oh and my hair’s tucked into my blazer ’cause I’m super trendy and runway aware like that. 
I picked up a few make up things while in Roseville the other day. I have Lime Crime’s “Cosmopop” but I’m not a fan of how it looks on my skin tone so I got this deeper tangerine shade by MAC called “Morange”. I also picked up another Hourglass liquid liner. I’ve tried so many liquid liners and this is definitely my favorite. It’s hard to use at first because it has such a fine tip but with practice it’s definitely worth it. The Bobbi Brown didn’t last me very long along with the Urban Decay and Kat Von D liquid liners. I like how this one has more of a matte finish and doesn’t flake. Lastly, I got MAC’s lip conditioner. I usually use Vaseline lip therapy but with lipsticks and stains, this Shea butter product is definitely a better choice. 

top, skirt, urban outfitters; blazer, lf store; shoes, zara/diy; watch, michael kors

P.S. I’m incredibly excited to get my hair done at the Butterfly Studio in NYC next month, I’m thinking about going a tad shorter.

Oops I Did it Again

Title has to do with the fact that I went for an edgy, 90s inspired Britney Spears look (maybe slightly Lolita, even). High waisted, short skirts and crop tops are going to be my summer uniform. You may recognize the print on this top from a couple of posts ago, that is because I bought a matching top and skirt but I havent really worn them together yet. Speaking of matching stuff, I really like the idea of a pink suit. I’ve seen it on Naomi on and episode of 90210 last week and then Blair on this week’s episode of Gossip Girl. Photobucket
I threw a denim button down on top to make this a tad more school appropriate. I’m definitely going to be buying this skirt in denim for the summertime; corduroy is a bit too wintery. Photobucket
You may notice that I’m a bunch of different shades of tan right now (my face is still pale as hell though) due to my experimentation with bronzing lotion. I’m naturally tan but I can get sort of pale so I’m trying to find the best product that makes girls with my skin tone look more golden. Photobucket
This necklace is a great touch to a lot of my outfits, I’ve been wearing it a lot lately. On another note, commenting has been enabled again! I disabled it because I didn’t care to know what people hiding behind anonymity had to say, but I really do miss the positive comments.Photobucket
PhotobucketNew ring from Verameat! It’s like a hug for your finger 🙂 
P.S. I’m now a part of the creative team at Style Saint! Style Saint is like Tumblr and Pinterest’s fashionable love child. I really do prefer it because now I don’t have to go through pages of irrelevant stuff, it’s all just fashion and beauty. Make an account and subscribe

crop top, asos; denim crop top, f21; skirt, aa; socks, h&m; shoes, zara/DIY


Harness belt! Im in love with this thing. Ive worn it 3 times in the past week…I never wear anything that often. It works with all the loose tops that I didnt wear.
Strawberry clip and antichrist earring in the same outfit/photo…ironic, yes?
D’Lilac & Chinchilla
I just bought Chinchilla from the new Lip Noire collection but Im slightly disappointed since it bears an extreme resemblance to D’Lilac. I wish it didn’t have those lavender undertones. 

Creepers revival! These things were slightly uncomfortable at first but as the day went on, they got more bearable. I wanted suede ones but settled for leather because absolutely everyone is out of Demonia creepers. I found these TUK’s at Endless and the same ones were sold out in almost every size at Need Supply Co. and they were also twenty dollars more expensive.

I went for a slightly goth look today. Ive been defining my style and that includes staying away from the word “hipster”. The hippie/gypsy style is extremely mainstream at the moment and my focus has always been staying away from what everyone is wearing so Ill be experimenting a lot in the near future.

I love this top because its so extremely versatile. I definitely need to add more useful pieces in my wardrobe.

Champagne polish, OPI shatter, then Essie Matte About You.
metallic tube top, h&m; top, nasty gal; skirt, asos; socks, american apparel; creepers, endless; clip, uo

P.S. Finding durable high waisted denim cut offs that arent extremely short under $100 is nearly impossible. 
P.P.S. I wish I lived in a big city so I couldve been a part of FNO today.


This geometric print skirt is such a unique, fun piece. The net slits in the skirt go with the whole shape theme in this outfit.

This hat makes the outfit fun! It’s very Alice in Wonderland in my opinion.

Im on a roll with my outfit posting lately! Oh and I really cannot wait til my camera gets here. 

bodycon, skirt, socks, kitten heel, uo; hat, asos; necklace, f21


I decided to go for a mature, classy look for once. Ive been obsessed with hardware as of late. This look was inspired by Ivania Carpio of Love Aesthetics. Her style is a breath of fresh air. I wish I could dye my hair gray like hers.
 This body chain broke about 10 minutes before I took these photos. I was putting my bag on, cross body style and it got stuck and broke. I tied the loose ends together for these photos. Moral of the story: dont buy cheap body chains. Love this gladiator style bracelet. 

This dress is so comfortable and is carefree yet polished.

I have no idea what this type of heel is called but I absolutely love it! These shoes were not made for walking around SF though.

slip, h&m; dress, body chain, bracelet, heels, asos; bag, oryany


This is the skirt I was wearing in the outfit post that got deleted from my camera. I love its shape, and the print makes it slightly casual.

Girly socks juxtaposed with motorcycle boots.
Majestic pegasus. Made this with an iron on. 

 Gotta love detached collars. 

Bedazzled bra. Took me about 4 hours to make but it was SO worth it. Should I sell them on Etsy?

skirt, asos; socks, american apparel; boots, stole from my sister; collar, romwe; vest, nordstrom


Ozzy look. Plaid, tiger, studs; bad ass.

Round glasses from American Apparel, the lenses were sent kind of scratched but I didnt want to go through the return process so I kept them, they look kind of vintage.

Short booties I stole from my sister. I bought this plaid shirt from Urban Outfitter’s men’s section. They have better plaid. I bought a size small but it’s still over sized which I love. Super dynamic piece.

The shorts on the left are the first pair I bought. I put them on and they ripped in many areas. Probably because the fabric became weak from the bleach. The second pair looked like a diaper pretty much and was way too short to wear to school without tights. They werent even completely bleached, the bottom half has a tint of blue. And Native Heart’s return policy sucks. If you want shorts like these, Id recommend making them yourself. When bleaching, add vinegar. And buy studs from studsandspikes.com. 

On the other leg it completely ripped, but I sewed it back together.

This earring is from Adri Law on Etsy. I only have good things to say about her. I received the earring four days after I placed the order and it was only $11. She has a bunch of different colors.

These bracelets are from John’s Incredible Pizza and one is from a goody bag from a birthday party. 

top, f21; plaid shirt, uo; shorts, native heart; booties, franco sarto


I feel like I belong at Oktoberfest with this fall inspired outfit.

This is another one of my headdresses. The muted color palette goes hand in hand with fall and the bright flowers are the center of attention.

Not going to lie, this feather earring really hurts after a while!

I cannot even tell you how much I love this crochet skirt. I paired it with a black body con skirt underneath. Body con skirts are super versatile and useful, they can go under all of your sheer maxi’s.

This year, Im in journalism and Im trying to convince my teacher to let me have a fashion section in the newspaper. Im pretty excited about that!
top, romwe; skirt, nasty gal; body con, tank, nordstrom; belt, j.crew; boots, steve madden