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This ensemble is my way of protesting the arrival of fall. This cute, girly school outfit screams spring.
I’ve been loving this off the shoulder crop top action that has been going on lately. And of course, circle skirts are a wardrobe staple as of late.


Pray for Paris

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I’m obsessed with Pray for Paris ( They have extremely exclusive pieces and they sell out super quickly and the same styles never return. This exclusivity definitely got me interested… I actually had a reminder set on my phone to buy a couple pieces when the new line dropped. They also have great marketing–they use fashion bloggers. That’s how I found out about the line in the first place.
The pieces are so unique; I had multiple people come up to me today to ask where I purchased my shirt.
Side note: I was also “hollered” at by men who were saying “ay! pray fo paris! pray fo paris! ay gurl!” 

Anywho, I was one of the lucky few that got to go to Gypsy Junkie’s private pre-sale today at their headquarters in West Hollywood. I wasn’t expecting much but I was pleasantly surprised by how good the deals were and how many fall-friendly pieces they had on sale. I also had the pleasure of meeting Marcus, one of the creators of Gypsy Junkies. He immediately recognized that my name was Indian and we got to talking about how he visits India quite often. I’d say that the clothes at Gypsy Junkies definitely have an Indian/Middle Eastern feel to them. If you live in LA, definitely check out the sale (August 31st and September 1st). 

I then skedaddled to Santa Monica to hit up the LF sale. The Santa Monica store is definitely less of a mess than any other LF stores in the LA area. This stop was also a success. Lots of rompers, dresses and denim pieces. 

I have added pieces to my online shop, Use the code “LABORDAYMEOW” to get 20% off everything until 9/2 @ 11:59 PM. Happy shopping!

top-Pray for Paris
skirt-Free People
jellies (shoes)-TOPSHOP
rings and bracelet-Verameat
lipstick-MAC’s “Russian Red”

I’m Really a Unicorn

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I had the pleasure of modeling for my friend’s website, She also let me bring in a few of my own looks to shoot in her studio. 
More photos to come!

dress-Wildfox via
platforms-Jeffrey Campbell via Urban Outfitters
lipstick-Lime Crime “D’Lilac” 


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 photo DSC03257.jpg
Day two of work and my feet are not very happy with me (blood, etc. I’ll spare ya the details). Now I really know why “sensible footwear”, aka “ugly” shoes, exists. 

shoes-Zara & DIY

White on white

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 photo DSC03230.jpg
White on white with a pop of pink and a little bling. 
I got a job at Nordstrom so I’ll be staying in LA LA LAnd for the majority of the summer, yay!

shoes-Jeffrey Campbell
necklace-AQUA via Bloomingdale’s 


 photo DSC03166.jpg photo DSC03167.jpg photo DSC03175.jpg Onomatopoeia. 

Obsessed with TOPSHOP’s comic book style pieces. 

I suppose this is my new hair style…I hate that awkward stage when your hair isn’t “short” but it’s not long either. 

P.S. overalls are making a come back apparently…hmm.. 

shoes-Zara & DIY 

London Doll

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 photo DSC03139-1.jpg

I grabbed this dress from TOPSHOP at the Grove. It was the last one left and happened to be in my size…the fashion gods were on my side that day. This dress is currently featured on a wall inside the store. I feel like I can dress it up or down. I was slightly tempted to wear it with white Converse but then opted for these platform-less, quintessential blogger pumps.

Anywho, I finally saw Spring Breakers yesterday. I was so highly disappointed. There was basically no story and it was extremely strange. It was quite the experience though. James Franco does a fabulous job.

earrings-Kate Spade

Trend Watch: Celestial, Medallion Print & Mid Knuckle Rings

(etsy: Phenomena Jewelry)
I like the star print trend, but something I haven’t seen so much of is celestial sun/moon pieces. I found a bunch of cool jewelry on Etsy but I hope some stores jump on this trend and make some punk/goth style graphic tees and dresses. 
This Hermes scarf style dress is another trend I’ve been spotting. I haven’t really found the perfect dress yet but this one from Topshop and the one from Romwe are a great contenders.

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve probably seen a couple of tweet about how I’m trying to find rings like Phoebe’s from Friends. This mid knuckle 90’s style ring is the best one I’ve found but I’m also looking for a mini armor mid knuckle ring and maybe I’ll go to a hardware store and pick up some plumbing tubes.