A Little Flare

 I’m obsessed with these new corduroys. I’ve been wearing them nonstop. Definitely my favorite fall piece. They were a splurge, but so worth it.

 I recently ordered a neutral wedge to pair with em, but for now Ive been wearing kitten heels. 
 I feel like I should be listening to Michael Buble and sipping a pumpkin spice latte in a cottage some place obscure. 

 top, h&m; sweater, f21; flare corduroys, kitten heel, uo

Heat Stroke

This picture was an accident. I set the timer on 2 seconds instead of 10 but it shows my earrings pretty well. I love tassels. Ive seen dip dyed blue, tassel earrings on a runway before; I dont recall which one. If I find longer tassel earrings, Ill definitely DIY those.

I am wearing a fleece poncho in 100 degree weather. Thats commitment. I always try to dress a season ahead. This poncho is borderline snuggie. It’s so comfortable and you gotta love that Native American vibe. I let this be the centerpiece of my outfit today.
I bought this poncho last winter and I just saw it at Urban Outfitters. UO’s retailers totally stole this from asos.

I paired this poncho with a short, leather skirt so I wouldnt get heat stroke. And a distressed sweater with a metallic tube top underneath. Muted tones!

top, material girl for macy’s; socks, uo; skirt, f21; tube top, h&m; tassel earrings, bracelet, poncho, asos

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Christmas Lights

J’aime le…fur jacket. Haha, two years of Francais and thats the best I can do!
This jacket was featured in the UO December catalogue.
Its so soft, and faux. Win-win situation!

I bought this knit scarf last winter but never wore it since it wasnt really in style back then.

Socks and tights!
jacket, jumper, uo; tights, socks, gap; boots, steve madden; scarf, f21


For some reason, this outfit makes me think, “yankee”. Probably because of the menswear vest and patriotic colors.
But technically, the pants are tomato colored, not red.
I like how some tops and blazers have a little frill at the bottom, so I made a make-shift frill by wearing this vest over a loose fitting shirt.

This coat sort of resembles my Betsey Johnson one. Except this one isnt as warm and has a 3/4 sleeve.

Yeaaaah…dont you randomly pick up candles and pose with them?

I added an element of surprise with these Betsey Johnson graphic socks.
These shoes are adorable, but completely unwearable. For some reason, my feet slide to the front so my toes are squished and my heel slides out. I expected better from you DV!

I tried to copy Taylor Momsen’s eye make up from last night’s Gossip Girl. I did a dark grey, black, and purple smokey eye. The lips are nude, but I dusted over some “gold mode” pigment from MAC.

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