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This ensemble is my way of protesting the arrival of fall. This cute, girly school outfit screams spring.
I’ve been loving this off the shoulder crop top action that has been going on lately. And of course, circle skirts are a wardrobe staple as of late.


I Don’t Like Galaxy Print


I loved galaxy print last summer but now I’m over it. I bought this skirt in the mountain print from the sale. They sent me this one for some reason and it’s funny because I had just tweeted about how I don’t like galaxy print anymore. But when I threw the skirt on with this top, it seemed to work.
This top was made to wear at my high school that starts at the ungodly hour of 7 am. I got it at when they were having their Friday the 13th sale.
These boots are more like a heel because they have absolutely no platform but they scream spring and I’m in ❤ with them.
PhotobucketMy sister bought this spike bracelet from eBay but it was too tight so she gave it to me (I love it when stuff like that happens). Apparently this style of bracelet is super popular. Kind of like the mini rainbow colored skull bead bracelets but those are hideous in my opinion. Oh and the YSL arty ring is a knock off because I couldn’t even tell the difference between some of the knockoffs and the real thing. I have never bought a knock off anything before because designers make quality items and that’s what you pay for, not the logo.
top, wildfox $56; skirt, motel rocks, $40; necklace, etsy $90; boots, $58; 


This outfit was inspired by Ivania from Love-Aesthetics, though she probably would’ve refrained from wearing this necklace. I bought this top on Saturday and yesterday I took a look at her blog, and she was wearing a similar one. Metallic is big at the moment and I was tempted to buy the matching pants, but decided it was over kill. I did buy two monochromatic outfits though which I’m excited to share on the blog. These pants remind me of the American Apparel riding pants but instead of some spandex blend, these are pleater. They’re more comfortable than the red pleather ones I own from Urban Outfitters but nonetheless, they are a pain in the ass (figuratively). I stole these heels from my sister’s closet. They’ve made an appearance here before. They have absolutely no platform which is right on trend but blister inducing. 


top, pants, necklace, h&m; heels, prada

Black Out

I’ve been deeply drawn to black and dark hues of purple lately for no distinguishable reason. 
Pseudo-Jeffrey Campbell night walker. Kaleidoscope lip gloss from Lime Crime.

top, evil twin; skirt, necklace, asos; bag, tarnish; heels, sam edelman
I was asked about the trends at the moment, and this is my take.