River Island

(top, nordstrom; skirt, river island, $17; belt, vintage)

The first time I saw scarf and leopard print combined was on a pair of River Island leggings. I’m not so much of a leggings fan so I decided to recreate the same feel with a skirt.

I was looking for my original inspiration photo and then came across this. Juliette from MAFFASHION can pretty much rock anything!

I am Mickey, hear me roar!

Vintage-esq top, I cannot put into words how much I adore it. Plus, it has a patriotic theme. 
Super awesome slit going down the side of this satin maxi.
Look forward to satin dominating your wardrobe this spring!
Wearing iridescent, sparkly gray tights underneath, be unexpected.

Like the game of cat and mouse…except, fierce cheetah against cartoon mouse…it isn’t the same.

I find this photo quite gnarly-chic…well, je ne sais quoi!

Snazzy snake skin (alliteration!) booties. Cheetah…snake…mouse. This is a food chain in the form of an outfit. Sweet. 

Play it down, play it up, maxis can be worn day or night.
top, skirt, uo; tights, ae


So my sister told me what this type of blouse is called. A pussy-bow. Yeah, I wish I was lying. Ive seen many designers such as Alexander McQueen have variations of this top and I absolutely love it. I paired it with these taupe shorts and an elastic and leather belt. I added grey shimmery tights to throw in some Christmas edge to an overall fall outfit. Lastly, cream socks and my trusty oxfords. 

top, vintage; shorts, h&m; belt, zara; tights, aerie; socks, american apparel; oxfords, steve madden; bracelet, nordstrom