Lace, Satin & Layering

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Lately, I’ve been inspired by Kendall Jenner’s style which makes me feel incredibly basic but everyone is a product of their environment, right??? (getmeoutofLAplz)

Naturally, the bralette she wore in the photo above is sold out but there’s an option to be put on the waiting list here. The bralette was designed by LA native and formal model, Anine Bing.
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Here are some other options:

 photo image1xxl.jpgASOS Bella Lace Longline Bralette  $13.00
 photo image1xxl 1.jpgASOS Geisha Lace Long Line Underwire Bra $30

Since this bra has underwire in it, it’ll have to be layered over a skin tight white top or even a short sleeve bodysuit. You can always go for a For Love & Lemons SKIVVIES bralette but then your basic level would be off the charts so I’d advise against it. I’m going to be recreating this layered bralette look but here is my take on the satin slip over white tee trend. There’s something so sophisticated about satin dresses and faux fur.

 photo IMG_5663.jpgHere are some of my favorite slip dresses currently in stock online: Verge Girl 1, Verge Girl 2, ASOS 1, ASOS 2, ASOS 3.

white tee-Monki
slip dress-TOPSHOP
faux fur-ASOS

If you haven’t ordered from Verge Girl yet, I highly recommend it. The brand is located in Australia but it’s definitely worth the $22 shipping fee to the US. The quality is great and the fit is exactly as described. Surprisingly, my order came within 4 business days. This dress is definitely a new favorite of mine:
 photo IMG_6919 copy.jpg
 photo IMG_6948 copy.jpgshoes-Jeffrey Campbell

A Current Affair

I’m not really a vintage clothing person. I tried to vintage shop in high school but my mom deterred me from the whole thing. She doesn’t like the idea of me wearing “used” clothing.

I’m trying to get back into vintage shopping because there’s nothing like it. If one tries to stay “on trend” and keeps buying fast fashion–it’s an endless cycle of shopping. I’m trying to focus on buying higher quality pieces that I can wear for months rather than just a few weeks.

A Current Affair was such a cool event. I got to meet Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoes (!!!) and check out a bunch of booths from around the state. My favorites were the James Roland Shop, Eden & Eden, Mixed Business and The Promised Land. So much gorgeous, high quality lace, silk and hand dyed indigo…I literally got chills at this event.
 photo IMG_1368 copy.jpg

(Jane Aldridge & I)

Jane is such a sweetheart. I was a mumbling mess when I met her…I wanted to be like, “I’ve been following you for years and looking up to you and you’re one of the reasons I love fashion!!!” But instead I partially forgot how to speak….*sigh*….life


pants-Mixed Business vintage


necklace-Mr. Kate

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Didn’t end up buying these but look at how fabbbb they are!

 photo IMG_1356.jpg
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Incredible embroidery on these shorts. Didn’t end up getting these either because they were a bit too big. (I’m feelin’ a DIY comin’ along…)
 photo IMG_1367.jpg

Neeeeed a Sukajan jacket 😻 (that costs less than $450…)

 photo 8b2a39e586112b9fca0fb21dff3af640.jpg(Etsy)
 photo CLOE-WO30_V2.jpg


Check out my favorite jackets: here, here and here.