Wild West

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I’ve never gravitated towards western styles or color palettes but this season, tie up dresses, thigh high gladiators and different shades of brown suddenly seem so appealing. But that doesn’t mean I’m giving up my whole edgy vibe–I’m married to my Docs. And I chose ’em because, well, my wardrobe/shoe collection is currently split between two different cities, in storage units, boxes, suitcases and closets (I’m probably a hoarder). A chelsea or monk boot would’ve been a lovely match as well.

Denim on denim is also new to me but not new for spring. This trend is always coming back. The key to pulling it off is wearing different washes otherwise you’ll look like a 2015 rendition of the infamous Britney/Justin Red Carpet denim fiasco.

This spring is all about minimalistic jewelry: no more statement necklaces or oxidized silver (tell that to Dylanlex). I don’t know about staying away from statement necklaces but I’m currently giving the piled-on-arm-party look a rest.

If I had it my way, I’d pair this bodysuit with a pair of Matisse x Kate Bosworth boots but 1) they’re insanely expensive for a piece that won’t be timeless and 2) they’re sold out pre-order and only in sizes 6 and 7. If that isn’t elitist–I don’t know what is!

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