Lace, Satin & Layering

 photo Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 1.43.27 PM.jpg
Lately, I’ve been inspired by Kendall Jenner’s style which makes me feel incredibly basic but everyone is a product of their environment, right??? (getmeoutofLAplz)

Naturally, the bralette she wore in the photo above is sold out but there’s an option to be put on the waiting list here. The bralette was designed by LA native and formal model, Anine Bing.
 photo Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 1.34.55 PM.png

Here are some other options:

 photo image1xxl.jpgASOS Bella Lace Longline Bralette  $13.00
 photo image1xxl 1.jpgASOS Geisha Lace Long Line Underwire Bra $30

Since this bra has underwire in it, it’ll have to be layered over a skin tight white top or even a short sleeve bodysuit. You can always go for a For Love & Lemons SKIVVIES bralette but then your basic level would be off the charts so I’d advise against it. I’m going to be recreating this layered bralette look but here is my take on the satin slip over white tee trend. There’s something so sophisticated about satin dresses and faux fur.

 photo IMG_5663.jpgHere are some of my favorite slip dresses currently in stock online: Verge Girl 1, Verge Girl 2, ASOS 1, ASOS 2, ASOS 3.

white tee-Monki
slip dress-TOPSHOP
faux fur-ASOS

If you haven’t ordered from Verge Girl yet, I highly recommend it. The brand is located in Australia but it’s definitely worth the $22 shipping fee to the US. The quality is great and the fit is exactly as described. Surprisingly, my order came within 4 business days. This dress is definitely a new favorite of mine:
 photo IMG_6919 copy.jpg
 photo IMG_6948 copy.jpgshoes-Jeffrey Campbell

Coachella ’16 Recap

 photo IMG_6568 copy copy.jpg
 photo IMG_6564 copy.jpg
 photo IMG_2603 copy.jpg
 photo IMG_2697.jpg
top-Bustown Modern Vintage
skirt-Eden & Eden Vintage
cape-Fairfax Flea Market
sunglasses, necklace-Fairfax Flea Market
 photo IMG_6585 copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6592 copy.jpg
 photo IMG_6593 copy.jpg
 photo IMG_6594 copy.jpg
top-Bustown Modern
skirt-One Teaspoon
crown-Nasty Gal
shoes-Jeffrey Campbell
 photo 12994552_10207575137948920_5403772367702905785_n.jpg
 photo IMG_6536 copy.jpg
 photo IMG_2441.jpg
 photo IMG_2438.jpg
top-Sorella Boutique
bodysuit-American Apparel
necklaces-from India
shorts-Levi’s & DIY
sunglasses-Crap Eyewear
 photo FullSizeRender 6 copy.jpg

Coachella was a shit show. The festival is filled with so many different types of people that the vibe is off. Imagine standing next to a racist, a gay man, a homophobe and a person whose first language was not English. Everyone is full of disdain for each other. The Desert Sun came out with an article talking about the racism at Coachella. And don’t even get me started on the amount of Native American headdresses that I saw…

All of this is in contrast with festivals such as Outside Lands and Lollapalooza where the love and positive energy is palpable. I yelled at a group of men for talking (about drugs) throughout the (incredible) Sia performance. That didn’t even work. Two other women had to yell at them as well and then they finally left. It seemed as if everyone was just trying to do drugs and dance like crazy instead of having a meaningful experience. The VIP section was even worse. Those people were just there for the photos–they didn’t enter the crowds with their heels and Chloe cross-body purses (trying to imagine these chicks pushing through to get to the front for a set makes me lol). I would only return to Coachella for networking purposes if I work in the fashion industry. This isn’t a festival to attend for good vibes and positivity.

I still had a relatively good amount of fun though…seeing Alessandra Ambrosio, Karlie Kloss, Emily Ratajkowski, Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler in person was really cool. Models are way skinnier in person, BTW–even the “healthy” Victoria’s Secret models. Oh so bony and frail. I feel like if I sat on Alessandra’s legs, I’d snap ’em like twigs.

LA Art Show, Pop Physique, Etc.

 photo IMG_5403 copy.jpg
 photo IMG_5405 copy.jpg
 photo IMG_5397 copy.jpg

 photo IMG_5595 copy.jpg
 photo IMG_5531.jpg
 photo IMG_5485 copy.jpg
 photo IMG_5465 copy.jpg
 photo IMG_5582.jpg

 photo laart2.jpg
 photo laart1.jpg
 photo laart3 copy.jpg
 photo IMG_5576.jpg
The LA Art Show was incredible. It was a bit overwhelming–there was a whole convention center full of artwork. LA doesn’t have many galleries or much of an emphasis on art at all, but I think this is changing.
necklace-belt from UO
 photo 12647096_10206915373895231_7758087140483353140_n.jpg
(Infinity Room at The Broad)
 photo FullSizeRender_3.jpg
Pop Physique is my new favorite place to work out. I’ve previously taken barre but I wasn’t impressed enough by their marketing or customer service to go back. Pop Physique has fun decor and interested instructors. They accommodated my back problems and were interested in my opinions about new times for their expanding schedule (I go to the new location downtown). Parking is fairly easy in their building’s parking structure and they always have good deals and promotions going on (e.g. $25 for 10 day of unlimited classes). What I like most is that the movements are small and use 1-3 pound dumbbells. I’m not interested in bulking up, just getting more lean muscle. But don’t get me wrong, I wake up so sore that even using a hairdryer becomes a difficulty.

 photo IMG_6023 copy.jpg

(Lake Tahoe)

 photo dionysus_gucci.jpg

 photo gucci loafers.jpg

I’m headed to NYFW this Wednesday and I’m absolutely thrilled. I have about 16 shows to attend. I’m expecting to see a lot of people wearing Gucci (the new loafers and the Dionysus handbags), baby doll dresses, baby pink and blue fur.

 photo FullSizeRender_4.jpg

(one day after lash extensions)

I’ve had lash extensions a few times but wasn’t too impressed. They usually fall out within 2 weeks and cost upwards of $150. I found this little place in Koreatown called Gloss Eyelash Extensions and I highly recommend it. They gave me a really natural look and only charged $70. I’ve had them for 9 days and they still look as good as they did on day one.

outfit photos credit: Jasmine Singh

Blue Monday

Today happens to be one of the most statistically “depressing” days of the year. Though I don’t give weight to useless myths like these, today has made me think a lot about happiness. Happiness is not a choice. People who believe in this school of thought have never experienced all encompassing, crippling depression. These people shouldn’t comment on something they don’t understand. I do think we make choices that either facilitate or hinder our happiness. 2016 is going to be a year of not making choices that coincide with the latter. It’s not cool or trendy to dwell in unhappiness.

I plan on starting this new lifestyle and mindset by simply getting rid of extra stuff in my apartment e.g. clothes I haven’t worn in years, old textbooks and the like. Clean surroundings, clear mind. Next, I’m going to invest more time into meaningful friendships. I’m nearly 22, the time has passed for trying hard with people that don’t try hard for you. I left these juvenile tendencies in 2015. I’m ready and open to the experiences that 2016 has in store.

 photo sm_116.jpg

This lip combination is a dead ringer for “Posie K,” the new Kylie Jenner lip kit color. I didn’t achieve this look on purpose but when editing photos I noticed that it was a dupe. I lined and filled in my lips with MAC’s “Whirl” and then placed Lime Crime’s “Faded” on top.
 photo IMG_5292 copy.jpg

 photo IMG_5300 copy.jpg
 photo IMG_5299 copy.jpg
 photo IMG_5298 copy.jpg

 photo IMG_3921 copy.jpg
Oh Wonder last week at the El Rey theatre; they were incredible.

bodysuit-American Apparel
jeans-7 For All Mankind
belt-asos, similar here
skinny scarf-asos
over shirt-Zara

Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic & Other Stories

Los Angeles has no style. Let’s just collectively accept this fact. There are no Free People-esque models walking around the city or Song of Style/The Blonde Salad looking baddies struttin’ their stuff down Melrose. It’s mostly just stylistically confused individuals which deem LA to not having a real fashion week (#LAFW isn’t a real thing, you guys). I consider myself to be a highly confused individual (in many respects) but in the sense that one day I’ll dress like the goth girl that freaked you out in high school and the next a suburban housewife that sips on a bottle of pinot grigio all day waiting for her children to get back from school. Anyway, the Veuve Clicquot Polo match was kind of sad. My sister and I got VIP but not “Rosé Garden” tickets so maybe all the classy people were there?? I saw some fashion bloggers and notable employees of companies such as Revolve Clothing toppling over because of the large amounts of alcohol they consumed. Not cute. And absolutely no one was watching the actual polo match. The sports commentator (is that what they’re called?) kept mentioning that the “real fun” was down at the field instead of by the food trucks…I beg to differ. The game was incredible boring since the opposing team had Nacho Figueras and absolutely obliterated the Veuve Clicquot team. I doubt I’d go to this event again unless I have Rosé Garden tickets but it was fun dressing up and wearing a fascinator. Because when else in life will I get to do that?

 photo IMG_8202.jpg
 photo IMG_7970 copy.jpg
 photo IMG_8189.jpg
 photo IMG_8062 copy.jpg
 photo IMG_8191 copy.jpg
 photo IMG_8097.jpg

fascinator-ASOS I had my eyes on this fascinator, but didn’t want to risk it with the shipping timing
shoes-Zara, studded by me

(ASOS, I’m seriously your biggest fan. Hire me after graduation? K thnx.)

In other news, here are some trends I like for fall:

 photo Lily-Rose-Depp-attends-the-Chanel-show-as-part-of-the-Paris-Fashion-Week-Womenswear-SpringSummer-2016.jpg
ribbon scarves

 photo IMG_7953.jpg dip dyed, destroyed denim (wooo alliteration) these are from Nasty Gal and bell sleeved tops

 photo Newsletter_usa_b2.jpg mustard colored suits (Zara)

 photo d7844e723d4965f59405e6c25800a50c.jpg metallic pleated skirts (except gold with a black vintage band tee tucked in, red lips and Adidas superstars)

In other news yet again, I just got an internship with a marketing firm here in LA. This is the direction I see myself headed towards after graduation so it’s exciting that I found a company I want to work for that also allows me to work outside of the office. I haven’t been interning as much as I was earlier in college because of my rigorous class schedule (like 23 hours a week, whaaat?!)

I’m going to start posting on the blog more often–I have so much to share in terms of fashion and I tend to just keep it to myself. But that’s going to change.

I’ve been so incredibly busy. This upcoming weekend will be the first weekend I’m actually staying my apartment. The past 4 weekends have been in: Vegas, New York, home and Santa Monica. Through all these trips I’ve realized that I need a fast paced career with a lot of traveling. That’s the goal.